Rashid Khan’s raise to prominence means a Bowling Legend in the making

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Rashid Khan’s raise to prominence means a Bowling Legend in the making

Rashid Khan is now the most famous celebrity in Afghanistan

Let’s get into two comments from two greatest cricketers of our times:

“…I won’t hesitate in saying he is the best spinner in the world in this format. Mind you, he’s got some batting skills as well…”, Sachin Tendulkar tweets.

“It’s always a pleasure to face him at the nets…a very very good bowler…fantastic bowler…” said Kane Williamson.

These remarks are enough to heighten the thrill to know who they are talking about. It’s Rashid Khan, the star, who is yet to celebrate his 20th birthday. It is sure that he will celebrate it with more wickets. While playing IPL 2017, Khan said, “As far as I know, after the President of the country, may be, I am the person who is most popular in Afghanistan.” This is not an overestimation for a cricketer, this is the truth. This young player is not only a sensation for Afghanistan, but for the cricket fraternity throughout the world.



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For Afghanistan, at present, no other celebrity is as popular as him. Team Afghanistan is now through a strong stride in cricket; receiving Test status at the latest. Apart from this accolade, another interesting aspect is the team’s consistency across all formats. At the center of this progress, the young bowler’s contribution is the most substantial.

Against this backdrop, IPL too became the launchpad for Afghan cricket. Rashid Khan was put on board with Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL 2017, as an 18 years old debutant. In 2018, he became the second highest wicket taker of the tournament with 21 wickets. He played 17 matches at an average of 21.8. His play was so intense that Tendulkar pointed him as the “world’s best spinner in T20s”. He was ranked as the No. 1 bowler in both ODI and T20 format, ahead of the league. He is also the youngest bowler to feature as the top ranker.

Rashid Khan’s family had to move from Afghanistan to Pakistan during the war

Khan’s family had to move from Afghanistan to Pakistan during the war

From Gully Cricket to International limelight

This Afghanistan cricketer was born in 1998, on 20th of September. He raised as one of the 11 siblings hailing from eastern Afghanistan. The Afghan war had an impact on his childhood, as his family had to fled Pakistan for some years before returning home. By the time her grew up, Afghanistan became stable enough to live a normal life. His saga with cricket started with gully matches with his brothers. Since childhood, Shahid Afridi, the Pakistani batsman, became Khan’s idol.

Afridi’s style has a strong impression on Rashid Khan. His stump to stump bowling, linear length and quick pace bears the style of the Pakistani player. As Afghanistan still has a nascent cricketing atmosphere, the team directly hit the international podium without much domestic fixtures.

Rashid Khan profile - debuted first-class against England in December 2016. The match was at Abu Dhabi against England Lions. In his maiden campaign, he had four wickets for 48 runs in the first innings, while in the second, he took down 8 wickets for 74 runs. These figures were the bests in the match. Moreover, Khan’s play was not only with the ball, but with the bat as well. While batting, he scored an unbeaten 25 in the first inning and an unbeaten 52 in the second.

So far, his participation in IPL and BBL comprise the early years of his cricket apart from international campaigns with his team. Rashid Khan debuted IPL in 2017 season playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad. He was first Afghan cricketer to play in the league. In his debut match, he took two wickets for 35 runs. By the end of the tournament he came out as the sixth highest wicket taker. In 2018, the following season, he pulled himself out to the second highest wicket taker of the tournament. Apart from IPL, he also participated in Caribbean Premier League, playing for Guyana Amazon Warrior. In the tournament, he became the first hat-trick wicket taker in the team. Another big game for Khan was the 2017-18 Big Bash League. He played for Adelaide Strikers. He also signed up for NatWest T20 Blast in England.

Rashid Khan was named as the Associated Cricketer of the Year in 2018 by ICC

Rashid Khan was named as the Associated Cricketer of the Year in 2018 by ICC

Rising to prominence within three years of debut

There are only few players who raises to prominence within just a couple of years in international cricket. Rashid Khan debuted ODI and T20 International in the year 2015 and by January 2018, he was named as the Associate Cricketer of the Year by ICC. In these short span of time, Afghanistan played against Zimbabwe and West Indies in ODI. In T20, the team played against Ireland. Khan debuted T20I against Ireland. In the match, he took five wickets for only 3 runs to bring out the best bowling figure for Afghanistan. He also became the first player in T20I history to take a five-wicket haul in two overs. In the ODI series against West Indies, he took 7 wickets for 18 runs, to make the fourth best record in ODI. This record was also the first for any associate nation.

Rashid Khan established himself in the international circuit also as a player in World XI teams. In the single off T20I against West indies, he played along with the Rest of the World XI team. Earlier in February of 2018, he was also ranked among the Top Ten Players to watch ahead of 2018 Cricket World Cup Qualifier by ICC. Afghanistan debuted Test in June of 2018 against India. In the debut match, he became the first bowler to concede more than 150 runs in an inaugural Test. This was a record in the negative side, but it is just a lesson for the young player to many great years ahead.

In his Twitter handle, he updates regularly about his game and thoughts. Khan, keeping up with his country, he dedicates his achievements towards the victims of blasts and other misfortunes. Keeping up with international players, his net worth has grown after the 2018 IPL season. Now, his net worth is USD 2.4 million.

Rashid Khan wears jersey number 19. The young bowler once said in an interview that he is not a wrist spinner, but a finger spinner. Technically, with a height of 5 feet 6 inches, his greatest skill on pitch is the accurate googly, that puts batsmen into utter confusion, if not taking their wickets. Apart from bowling his batting skills also helped the team to get out of difficult situations. Additionally, he is agile while fielding, with dives and other actions. Being a young player, Rashid Khan has the correct approach to cricket as a game; he is enthusiastic, dedicated and skilled. Moreover, his attitude toward the game is certain to keep his morale high to nick great records further.

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