Rangana Herath strikes bringing long awaited Test victory for Sri Lanka

 . Last updated on October 3, 2017, 2:56 PM
Rangana Herath strikes bringing long awaited Test victory for Sri Lanka
Rangana Herath also became the first Sri Lanka bowler to topple 100 Test wickets of Pakistan.

Sri Lanka marked an emphatic victory after a long stretch of consecutive defeats. The victory in the first Test against Pakistan came out as a dawn after a long and dark night of fails in the format for Sri Lanka. In Abu Dhabi, Sri Lanka won the Test against Pakistan by 21. In the first inning, Sri Lanka scored 419 runs to which, Pakistan replied with 422. Sri Lanka added another 138 runs batting in the second inning. Pakistan's batting line up could chase the score only to 114 yielding to a defeat by 21 runs. Sri Lanka players came up with hefty scores. Dinesh Chandimal scored 155 runs in the first inning. The highest in Pakistan's front was 85.

Apart from flashy innings from Sri Lanka batsmen, the bowlers found a strong form in the match. Pakistan bowler Yasir Shah had a five-wicket haul. But it was Sri Lanka spinner Rangana Herath with the bigger bite of the pie. The bowler took five wickets in the first inning and in the second inning of Pakistan, he knocked another 6 wickets. Sri Lanka's victory in the match had much to do with Herath's attack in the match. With the winning wickets, Herath reached a hefty milestone in the format. He became the first left-arm-spinner to reach 400 Test Wickets. The bowler has nicked 11 five wickets hauls so far in fourth innings, the highest.

In the first day, Sri Lanka played 90 overs to score 227 runs, bolstered with the strike from Dimuth Karunaratne. The player struck 93 runs batting for 69 overs as the opener. Dinesh Chandimal and Niroshan Dickwella were the overnight players with the score of 60 and 42 respectively. Pakistan started its inning by the final session of the second day to score 64 by the day's end. The team was on pitch for whole of third day. Pakistan started the fourth day with the score 266 for 4 wickets. Sri Lanka started its second inning by the evening session.

The match had the final breakthrough in the last day. Pakistan started its second inning, but the line-up could not sustain the bowling attacks of Sri Lanka bowlers. In team played only 47.4 overs exhausting its batsmen before reaching the target. It was a strong victory for Sri Lanka.


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