Punjab Government offers Harmanpreet Kaur post of DSP

 . Last updated on July 24, 2017, 5:06 PM
Punjab Government offers Harmanpreet Kaur post of DSP
Harmanpreet Kaur’s knock of 115 ball 171 cruised India to the final fixture.

India Women played an World Cup final after 12 years in the making. Back in 2005, India lost the final fixture to Australia by a massive 98 runs. Now, as skipper Mithali Raj said, team India gained a competitive edge this season. The team might not bring the World Cup from England, but their achievement in the tournament is well recognized in the country. The Prime Minister stated, the Women Team did their best and he is ‘proud of the team’. PM Narendra Modi tweeted after India’s lost to England, “Our women cricketers gave their best today. They have shown remarkable tenacity & skill through the World Cup. Proud of the team!”

After India won the semifinal against New Zealand, the central government granted 50 lakh INR for each player of the squad. Apart from this, there is a special offer awaiting Harmanpreet Kaur. The player was crucial to the semifinal victory that made India cruise to the final fixture against England. As an accolade to the young player, the government of Punjab, her home state, is offering her the post of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). It is a post under State Civil Services and Indian Police Services, one among the most prestigious government jobs of the nation.

Reportedly, Kaur wanted to join police service of the state a couple of years ago, but the force denied her. Per Amarinder Singh, Chief Minister of Punjab, the previous government “refused to accommodate” the national player in Punjab Police. This is where it took a political tone as the minister stated he wants to ‘correct a wrong”, by the previous government.

It will depend on Kaur, if she accepts the designation of DSP. This might create further complexity in the system. Because, if the player becomes a DSP, she will be entitled to part away from cricket. Being an emerging cricketer, her presence in the team is crucial, especially in the onset of retirement of senior players like Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami. On the other hand, if she accepts the post and continue playing for the country, it would mean a crucial designation such as DSP being without any culpable effect. It is eventually a massive lost to the state. In this context, it should be remembered that Sachin Tendulkar, who became an Member of Parliament, was hardly present in the Parliament throughout any of its sessions. The issue was also raised and objected by other MPs of the nation.

Politics of appeasement without a through thought creates complexities in national interest as well as in governance. The CM of Punjab might have hardly thought well enough about the impact of his decision on women cricket of India, the future of Harmanpreet Kaur as a cricketer and about his own state while taking a political dig on the previous government using the young cricketer as the bait.

However, Punjab government announced an award of five lakhs to Kaur for her achievement in semi-final of the world cup. This is a laudable step of the government. Another admirable announcement of the CM is his promise to review the state’s sports policy. He wants to create a policy to provide government jobs to young sportspersons.


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