Pujara becomes top Indian double-ton striker in first-class

 . Last updated on November 3, 2017, 11:02 AM
Pujara becomes top Indian double-ton striker in first-class
Cheteshwar Pujara scored 204 runs in the ongoing match between Saurashtra and Jharkhand.

The ongoing Ranji season brought a massive feat to Cheteshwar Pujara. In the latest match between Saurashtra and Jharkhand, the batsman scored 204 off 355 balls batting two days. With this second ton in the same inning, he became the player to knock the most numbers of double-centuries in first-class cricket in India. This is the 12th double century that Pujara plundered in the format. In the previous day, Pujara hammered 125 runs, which bolstered with another 79 runs in the next. Throughout the day, his partnership with Chirag Jani brought 210 runs into Saurashtra's tally. The inning ended on 553 runs for 9 wickets for the team. It is after a long 7 decades that someone broke the record double century tally of Vijay Merchant.

Pujara is among the top Test batsmen of India and reaching the latest feat, he has reinforced his stature in the team. The player is among the best pick in the front line-up of the team for the upcoming series against Sri Lanka. Pujara's England tour for County innings were not that worthwhile, but his strike changed drastically back in India.

In another match between Gujarat and Haryana, the former was on lead of 79 runs after the second inning of the game. Gujarat defended its tally of 236 slogging Haryana at just 157 in the second inning. Gujarat bowlers were particularly dominant as they slogged Haryana with 27 runs for three early wickets. The attack came up just in four balls when Chintan Gaja knocked down three wickets in a quick stretch. The best score in the inning was the half century knock from Himanshu Rana. Batting for the next inning, Gujarat added another 110 for 2 wickets to the previous tally.

In the match between Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir, the former strangulated the latter slogging the at 173. Bowlers Jalaj Saxena and Sijomon Joseph took three wickets each, while KC Akshay removed 4 wickets. Kerala was on lead by 46 runs with the score of 219. Batting for the second inning, the team added some more runs to haul its lead to 91.


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