PSL final confirms Venue at Lahore

 . Last updated on February 28, 2017, 12:40 PM
PSL final confirms Venue at Lahore
Among others, former cricketer Imran Khan is highly skeptic about the final venue.

Finally, state authorities gave the green signal to PSL final venue at Lahore. The match, which is scheduled on March 5, was approved for hosting on the previously mentioned stadium by Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif. There was an impasse of almost a week over the approval. An environment created by militancy issues made the venue a complicated option for hosting the final match. As proposed earlier, the final match to be moved from Lahore following the recent blast that shook the city.

The latest decision to keep the venue unchanged came up after the minister assured security and was confident enough to host the event. That match will be a debut venue for the state and the government was reluctant to let the opportunity slip away. Since the terrorist attack of 2009 on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore, Pakistan has refrained from hosting any top team. It had a cascading effect as cricket boards from other nations has been avoiding tournaments in the country due to security concerns. The nation is trying to regain its stature with the PSL venture. Ending the tournament without any mishaps will be a great success for Pakistan.

The PSL franchises were briefed about security arrangements and all of them agreed to play at the Gaddafi Stadium. Per Najam Sethi, PSL Chairman, the issues will be cleared once the finalists will be decided. He assured that there will be foreign players in the match. Sethi said that Pakistan should show the world that they are a “peace-loving” nation. He further said they will not be blackmailed by terrorists anymore. For him, the success of PSL will bring back international cricket back to the country.

However, several former players are sceptic about the idea of hosting the final at Lahore. Per Imran Khan, “it’s madness and it’s a bad idea.” He said that security situation was not good. He asked why the board was taking a chance.


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