Pollution impact: Delhi's Kotla might stripped off international fixtures until 2020

 . Last updated on December 11, 2017, 9:39 AM
Pollution impact: Delhi's Kotla might stripped off international fixtures until 2020
Mohammed Shami, top India pacer, vomited and retired in the fourth day of the match.

Poor, or rather hazardous air quality in National Capital of India finally impacted cricket in the venue. As per reports from BCCI, international cricket matches might be kept out of Kotla venue at least for next two years. In the ongoing match between India and Sri Lanka at the venue, cricketers had to wear pollution mask while playing under heavy smog. Players from both the teams, specially bowlers, vomited retiring from the game. Several players complaint about the air quality. Sri Lanka coach Nic Pothas emphasized the need of proper condition for an international match. The venue, apparently, is an embarrassment to BCCI at the global podium.

Per a senior official from BCCI, a Future Tours Program (FTP) will be designed in February-March as scheduled. Kotla venue would be considered only in 2020 slot of FTP. The official said the venue ‘may or may not be’ considered for a Test before 2020. The new FTP in 2019, is also expected to exclude Kotla venue off international schedules. Kotla is scheduled for an ODI in November, but there are chances that the fixture is moved away if poor air quality persist. Still, the prospects are only an assumption.

BCCI Secretary Amitabh Chaudhary said the issue will be discussed for a solution. Banning Kotla from hosting international match is not yet confirmed. Per another BCCI official, environmental conditions cannot be predicted and hence it would be not logical to conclude a dismissal of Kotla venue. The official hinted Kotla would be considered purely on rotation policy of the board. He also focused on importance of the venue from BCCI’s perspective.

In the second match, Sri Lankan player entered the field wearing pollution musk. While, Mohammed Shami, the top home bowler said India players are ‘used to suffering’ avoiding any comment on the issue. The player vomited while bowling in the evening session of the fourth day. Indian players were without musk for 135 overs in the third day. Previously, Delhi Half Marathon was also appealed for a hold by Indian Medical Association.


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