Pay dispute negotiation derails, ACA rejects Arbitration proposal

 . Last updated on July 28, 2017, 3:00 PM
Pay dispute negotiation derails, ACA rejects Arbitration proposal
James Sutherland’s ‘bogged down’ accusation faced serious backlash from ACA.

Even if a temporary settlement of the pay dispute seemed to reach Cricket Australia’s backyard, the prospect of resolution is still miles away. The Bangladesh tour is ahead the cricket board tried to roll out a plan to bring players on a same page. However, current situation and comments indicate that the situation is still stiff for both the parties. James Sutherland recently blamed Australian cricketers for slowing the process and made a call for arbitration. He said, the process and strategies might be “designed to slow things down”. He said, CA is ‘bogged down’ when they tried to discuss the issue. He blamed that cricketers put the upcoming tours to Bangladesh, India as well as the Ashes on stake.

ACA’s objection is on the proposal of arbitration. The association rolled out a statement on their stance in the last three months “calling for independent mediation.” Apparently, the recent meeting between the sides did not work out. ACA stated mediation is the right process to settle the current dispute “because it is non-adversarial, voluntary and faces no jurisdictional constraints.” Per ACA, the mutually agreed decision will be better for future of the game. The player’s association does not want a “decision imposed by a third party.”

ACA believes Arbitration is “akin to courtroom”. The statement argued, there is no guarantee that the arbitrator will understand the complexities of the revenue sharing in the sport. In such condition, there cannot be a meaningful judgment. Furthermore, the association invokes urgency in the situation stating the process is adversarial. Still, ACA will examine the proposal introduced by the CA. The association also wants to work closely with the CEO to achieve a resolution.

Currently 230 players of Australia are out of contract and unemployed. Recently, the manager of ACA also visited India seeking some opportunities for the players. The pay dispute already took a toll on cricket of the nation. The A team boycotted an international tour and the primary test team is also on the way to drop the upcoming Bangladesh tour.


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