Pakistan threatens BCCI playing an ICC card

 . Last updated on September 14, 2017, 2:35 PM
Pakistan threatens BCCI playing an ICC card
Najam Sethi, PCB Chairman, said the dispute with BCCI should reach ICC now.

The dispute over MoU for a series of bilateral matches between India and Pakistan is set to reach the corridors of ICC. PCB is trying to take the issue to the global cricket board as it could not find any resolution or common ground with BCCI. Earlier, the board also hired an UK based law firm to resolve the matter, but it found no solution. There was an understanding that the matter will be resolved through negotiations in good faith, but per Najam Sethi, Chairman of PCB, the resolution process has reached the final point and it is now time to knock the doors of ICC. Sethi conveyed that PCB's talk with BCCI is over and now it is willing to take the dispute to ICC.

The rift started after BCCI withheld the bilateral series that are to be played between India and Pakistan from 2015 to 2023. PCB alleged that BCCI ignored the MoU for six series in the period. In total, there are 14 Test, 30 ODIs and 12 T20Is in the MoU as claimed by PCB. However, India's interpretation on the allegation is different. BCCI responded there are no MoUs. Per BCCI, the boards only had informal discussion on the tournaments.

Furthermore, the government of India restricted the board from indulging in any sports activities with Pakistan, citing cross-border terrorism as a reason for the suspension. However, the teams can play in any event hosted at Global level by ICC. BCCI does not allow its cricketer to tour Pakistan. Also, it gives no clearance to the country's player in India's domestic tournament like IPL.

So far, Pakistan Cricket Board communicated to ICC pleading to form a three-member board to overlook into the matter. Per Sethi, the process has already begun and it is at active stage, with a single member already being nominated. ICC however, wants both the board to come on a same page. The international council noted two months to settle the dispute, after this, it will automatically fall under the preview of ICC's dispute resolution committee.


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