Pakistan Super League, the Dawn Star of T20 Cricket

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Pakistan Super League, the Dawn Star of T20 Cricket
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It was, in fact, actuated after the humongous effort of Najam Sethi at the Pakistan Cricket Board. PSL emerged as a rejuvenation of cricket in Pakistan even if the rise was not entirely without glitches. For Sethi, it was the biggest thing that ever happened to Pakistani Cricket and he foresees the game on alignment with its big brothers like ISL or the BBL. The game has certainly become a memorable event for the country with many young talents finding their ways to play world class matches. The present stars from other countries in PSL is the sure shot proof of its success.


Bringing out local players to play with top international cricketers, PSL declared the new era of cricket in the country. The short matches allowed these players to experience cricket with some of the best cricketers. However, incentives that it brought players is still massively incomparable to that of its counterparts. Cricket in the country has been seriously affected with a number of issues. Security, politics as well as its international relation has been affecting the game. Thus, local talents in the country was on the way to obscurity. Against this backdrop, PSL has emerged as a hope to young cricketers in the nation. It should be highlighted that most of the young players who played their maiden T20s in a global format has part time jobs. Cricket is yet to become their mainstream career.


The prime architects of PSL, on the likes of Sethi, Ramiz Raja and Wasim Akram, are endeavoring hard to maneuver the game forward. Their appeal is primarily directed towards rejuvenation of cricket in Pakistan, which was shunned due to internal issues. Following attacks on international players, the country was sidelined from the mainstream group. Still, the team could bag the T20 World Cup following the unfortunate row couple of years back. It is unquestionable that Pakistan still has the potential to be the best. But for realistic outcomes, realistic changes must be materialized.


The Super League is a bit off page with shows like ISL that has become a sort of entertainment. Integrating PSL with facets of entertainment as that of ISL might not be healthy. However, it should not be forgotten that the Bollywood hype, hired anchors and Cheerleaders were a subtle impulse for the game in India. Furthermore, only five teams participated in the show, which was inadequate. The less number of teams offered a feel of group matches rather than a tournament that it was ought to be. Also, an apparent issue was the barren stadiums. Organizers blamed poor marketing as the reason but it indicated that people have lost interest cricket to some degrees. This facet is however, a grave one. It leaves Pakistani cricket authorities with a tough homework.


T20 franchisee debut in Pakistan was all well. It is just the beginning of a new journey. It is not only a good tiding for the nation but to the cricket fraternity. As the nation has created a number of great cricketers, augmenting the realms of cricket would surely bring better prospect to cricket and cricketers in Pakistan.


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