Pakistan faces first Test series loss in UAE, Sri Lanka sweeps series by 2-0

 . Last updated on October 11, 2017, 12:54 PM
Pakistan faces first Test series loss in UAE, Sri Lanka sweeps series by 2-0
Dilruwan Perera was crucial to the turning over of the match in the final day.

Sri Lanka finally took down Pakistan to a defeat in UAE after almost a decade. In the two match test series, Sri Lanka clean swept the win by 2-0. In the final inning, Pakistan seemed to have regained the impetus chasing Sri Lanka's score briskly, but Dilruwan Perera broke into the batting line up to wrap up the mind in the final day. The first inning score of Sri Lanka was the prime bet to win. The team scored 482 runs in the first inning where Dimuth Karunaratne struck a massive 196. The second inning was not that emphatic. The team slogged itself in only 96 runs, but the combined score was enough to tackle Pakistan. Sri Lanka won the Test by 68 runs.

On the other hand, Pakistan scored 262 runs in the first inning as the reply to Sri Lanka's smash. Bowlers Dilruwan and Rangana Herath were successful to pull up the pressure string to strangulate the inning off runs. In the second inning, there was a rundown in the top order, but the hopes for Pakistan revived under the partnership of Sarfraz Ahmed and Asad Shafid who played as the overnight batsmen of the fifth day. In the final day of the match, Sri Lanka broke into the pair in 5.5 overs. After the middle order wickets, Pakistan witnessed a complete run of the lower order. The attack was spearheaded by Dilruwan Perera.

Sri Lanka bowlers did not date much time to reach the victory. Perera had a five-wicket haul in the inning including that of Sarfraz. Rangana Herath was denied a wicket in the fourth day, but in the final, he knocked two in the lower order. Lakmal sent back Shafiq to the pavilion to end the flow of runs. It is the first time Pakistan lost a Test series in UAE. There were high scores in the series from both sides, but Sri Lanka bowler Herath made its record stronger.


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