Pakistan Ex-opener Nasir Jamshed arrested for PSL match fixing Scandal, released on Bail

 . Last updated on February 15, 2017, 11:34 AM
Pakistan Ex-opener Nasir Jamshed arrested for PSL match fixing Scandal, released on Bail
Nasir Jamshed was among the top players of Pakistan. A moment when he received an advice from Hasim Amla.

The PSL took an ugly turn in its second season itself, when the tournament got soaked with corruption scandal. However, the stringency with which the matter is being handled so far will insure such blunders do not repeat again. In a recent development, Nasir Jamshed was arrested on corruption charges by UK’s National Crime Agency as the player was in UK. The statement by NCA confirmed that two persons were arrested for “bribery offences as part of an ongoing investigation into international cricket match fixing.” Later, the cricketer was released on bail until April 2017 to investigate further. The arrested was on February 13. The NCA stated that it was working closely with PCB and ICC.

On the day Jamshed was arrested, Pakistan Cricket Board also suspended the ex-opener. He was the third player caught in the recent scandal fray. Other two players currently playing in PSL, Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif were suspended provisionally from the tournament. Other three players, Mohammad Irfan, Zulfiqur Babar, and Shahzaib Hasan, are being investigated. The players can continue playing in the league, but it is most likely that PCB will issue show-cause notices to suspend them as well. To handle the corruption scandal, a separate tribunal will be formed. It will comprise of a retired judge of High Court or the Supreme Court.

PSL Chairman Najam Sethi said the board has enough evidences against the players and they know what is being done. The chairman further said every information cannot be made public. He also made it clear that PCB and ICC both know what the players are planning to do and who they are in touch with. They have also access to text messages, WhatsApp messages and even what these persons are talking about. Per Sethi, as the league was huge in its opening season, it was most likely to attract bookies. The chairman consoled that PCB has “nipped it in the bud.”


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