“Objective is to get to No. 1”, South Africa coach Ottis Gibson

 . Last updated on January 3, 2018, 2:49 PM
“Objective is to get to No. 1”, South Africa coach Ottis Gibson
Team India starts practicing on South African soil before the months-long tournament.

India set foot on Proteas’ land for a long tour of all format matches. While India is busy on practicing special tactics to tackle South Africa in their home condition with total vigor, the same seems to be lacking within South Africa squad. This might be due to the contrasting difference of the team formation and players in the squad. Team South Africa is with players who are on their last legs of cricketing career, while, the core of India team is with several players just entering the international arena. This, however, is not expected to have a strong negative impact on the collective performance of the team. Still, the task assigned to Ottis Gibson, South Africa head-coach, is emerging as a tougher job than that of Ravi Shastri.

Another aspect of the current tournament is its relevance to both the teams. India is on an unbeaten stretch of more than a year in Test both within and outside the country. In the victory march, the team also dethroned South Africa from the top Test ICC Ranking before just a while. From this perspective, winning the upcoming series might be of high relevance to South Africa, but, the prospects of thumping down India are equally blurry.

Also, for coach Ottis Gibson, there is a natural pressure to keep the team victorious with all its odds. Gibson was brought back to South Africa as the Head Coach by the country’s cricket board cutting short his stint with England. Under Gibson, England was able to emerge as a competitive team, while South Africa’s performance lagged with significant lapses. As the coach is assigned again to his home team, his responsibility to win heightened, especially against an adversary such as India. In fact, the head coach is with equal responsibility towards next campaign of South Africa, which is against Australia.

Gibson coached South Africa in its previous campaigns against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. But, evidently, his challenge would be to tackle team such as India and Australia. The head coach made it clear that the objective of team South Africa is to get to No. 1 position again. He mentioned, winning the next two series will be the only way to ensure this condition.

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