New Rules on threshold for International Cricket

 . Last updated on May 29, 2017, 2:47 PM
New Rules on threshold for International Cricket
Anil Kumble, India Coach, proposed improvements in DRS rules.

ICC is on the way to make decision review system more user friendly for teams. Following the recommendations from ICC cricket committee, umpire’s call might no longer impact on team reviews on DRS. The committee headed by Anil Kumble, coach of team India is pushing forward for improvements in the system. The recommendation will be forwarded to ICC chief executives committee and if agreed, the new rules will be implemented by October this year. Presently, teams are allowed two unsuccessful reviews in first 80 overs in a Test inning. In ODI, this is limited to a single chance. For successful reviews, there is no loss of attempts for teams.

The current initiatives are directed towards offering positive incentives to teams in Leg-Before-Wicket decisions. In LBW decisions, when teams call for a DRS, the outcome is finally pushed toward the third umpire’s call. There is always a margin of error and benefits of doubts come to play. If the review fails, the team losses the quota for calling. With the proposed change, teams calling for reviews will not lose the quota. This being among the primary change, several other improvements are on the way. DRS might be introduced in T20 format as well. There are discussions on concussion substitutes and Red cards for players. There are also proposals for new run out rules and no ball monitoring.

Joe Root advocated considering DRS in T20 format. In fact, Pakistan has already used DRS in three of its PSL matches. There is a strong chance of implementation of the system by October 2017. Concussion substitutes is being forwarded by Tony Irish, head of Federation of Cricketer’s Association. He said it is about health and safety issues for players. Red Cards for players was proposed earlier in domestic level cricket. Now, ICC is determined to bring it up to international cricket as well. It is expected to deal with most serious incidents like misconducts and violence on the field.


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