New proposal to change format of County Championship

 . Last updated on January 19, 2018, 5:29 PM
New proposal to change format of County Championship
After Ashes defeat of England Yorkshire County officials comes up with new proposal for County Championships.

he recent Ashes defeat of England in Australia had its immediate effect at home. England cricket decision makers came up with a new blueprint of County Championship, which is expected to impact all the existent 18 counties in overall. At present, county cricket follows a Two Divisional Structure. The new proposition came up from Chief Executive of Yorkshire Mark Arthur and Director of Cricket Martyn Moxon. Per the officials, a conference-style comprising of three groups of six county teams would allow a better and more-even opportunity to counties. The proposal came up as a personal one, with no official tag from Yorkshire administration. However, it is forwarded to ECB for further discussion and consideration.

Per the proposed format, each county team will play 15 matches. This is expected to do away with the skepticism of several smaller teams on being held back without much opportunities to grow and play competitive matches in the championship. The present format allows less number of dead rubber matches, which emerges by the end of the season. In contrast, the new system will have its winner evaluated in the last five matches of the tournament.

Earlier, with a view to improve the impact of County Championship, Michael Vaughan proposed to move the competition out of England, while Kevin Petersen wanted to reduce the number of county teams. In the recent move, Arthur pointed out that the second division county teams are giving up red ball cricket for white ball, as the championship game lacks enough aspirations for them. Brining each county teams to a same page will allow a healthy competition throughout each team.

The new format is also set to ensure that smaller team can retain their best player, who are eventually moving away to better teams in Division 2, in the current system. The proposed system will allow these smaller teams to play against stronger teams, offering their players a better and more competitive game. Apart from a healthy scenario, the only skepticism in the proposed format is the question if it would reduce the standard of the championship.

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