New ICC Rules to handover more power to match referees

 . Last updated on June 27, 2018, 5:18 PM
New ICC Rules to handover more power to match referees
Kumble, heading the ICC Cricket Committee termed personal abuse ball tempering as serious offences.

In a move to avert players from unwanted on field behaviors, ICC Cricket Committee recently came up with a decision to impose new ICC rules. In recent times, several incidences of poor behavior and ball tempering surfaced in international cricket. To improve the current landscape, a decision to offer more power to match officials came forth at the latest meeting held in Mumbai. Now, match officials will have more authority to put penalties on unwanted behaviors like ball tempering, rudeness and poor attitude.

In the two-day meeting, the committee created a “Code of Respect”. Under its new ICC rules and directives, now the match referees can downgrade or upgrade any level of offence or sanction. They will be also responsible for accountability.

Another decision was related to the issue of doctored pitches. It was highlighted that visiting teams faces a disadvantage on pitches while touring for Test matches. Several allegations about doctoring the pitches to favor homes teams in Test matches surfaced recently. To do away with it, there were discussions on probable scrapping of the system of Toss in Test matches, giving complete freedom to the visiting team to decide. However, the decision did not materialize and Toss remained a part of the format.

To do away with the issue of poor pitches, the visitors would be awarded World Championship points, if the match is abandoned due to pitch issues. Also, a provision for reserved day for matches in ICC Test Championship was created. This extra day will make up for the time loss due to match interruptions.

The International committee was headed by Anil Kumble. The former cricketer expected a better treatment of visiting teams. Kumble emphasized on the need to educated young players on history and sprit of the game. Additionally, he set a higher bar in quality of practice facilities, warm-up matches and logistical arrangements. The veteran player thanked Mike Gatting and David Boon for “joining and making valuable contributions”, stating they “had an excellent discussion around the issue of player behavior”.

The meeting posed personal abuse and ball tempering as “serious offences in the game”. Kumble commented, there was a strong support for giving more authority to match officials and greater support around their decision making.



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