Mumbai’s broken middle order to face Challenger’s slackened bowling in Bangalore IPL match

 . Last updated on July 2, 2018, 1:00 PM
Mumbai’s broken middle order to face Challenger’s slackened bowling in Bangalore IPL match
Rohit Sharma must focus on middle order batting of his team including that of himself.

Both Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore could not make out an impressive season this IPL. In the last seven matches both played, they won only two matches each. Now, the league phase is already halfway and it is the right time for the teams to push up their winning tallies. Still, both has a mammoth task ahead of them if they want to finish as one of the toppers. They will have to win six of the remaining seven fixture, including the upcoming one. In the previous tussle, Mumbai only nicked their second win of the season playing against Chennai Super Kings. Royal Challengers lost the IPL match against Kolkata Knight Riders in their previous campaign.

Mumbai and Bangalore both changed their squad a bit. The former left out Keiron Pollard and brought Ben Cutting. He was included lower down the batting line up in place of Mustafizur Rahman. This is expected to strengthen the batting line up. Bangalore roped in Tim Southee and he offered a positive change in the team. Although, his inclusion did not ensure any victory, there was an apparent change in the attack.

Bangalore’s bowling, however, has been their Achilles’ heels. The bowlers conceded more runs in the final overs than any other team. On other hand, Mumbai is struggling with its middle order batting woes. The batsmen in the line up is the second lowest of the season in terms of run rate. Lately, Ben Cutting and JP Duminy played with some prowess and it offer the right answer to Bangalore’s slackened bowling. With this background, Mumbai might play with the same formation in the upcoming match as well. This, however, does not refute the probability of Mustafizur Rahman’s inclusion in the team.

In team Mumbai, Surya Kumar Yadav played as a strong batsman so far. Rohit Sharma’s score is also a crux for the team, as they have a record of winning only when Sharma knocks a good run. Yadav expects to see his captain performing well as he generally does in the upcoming match. The Bengaluru ground is not that amicable for the home team, this would be an advantage for Mumbai.

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