MS Dhoni - From trains to talkies through cricket

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MS Dhoni - From trains to talkies through cricket

MS Dhoni, one of the best cricketers in world used to be a Train Ticket Examiner.

Mahindra Singh Dhoni, the former Indian skipper, is among those players whose impression in cricket will last forever. Now in 2018, he is 37 years old and there are buzzing talks about his retirement from the game. He bade adieu to the longest format of the game years before in 2014. There was a reason behind this stance. The player was keen to keep up his fitness level high enough to play the other formats longer.

The subject of his retirement rises up every now and then, but every time the noise becomes louder, he shuts down critics with his wonderful form and fitness. Once he declared his attitude towards leaving the pitch saying, he will know by himself when he has to retire; no one should remind him of it. There are strong reasons to fully trust his decision. With his recent games in IPL, he proved his words playing as one of the best finishers as he has been.

Dhoni’s early matches set the foundation of his bright career ahead as a great cricketer. After he debuted ODI in the last month of December, he was soon recognized as a talented batsman and a quick wicket-keeper. His iconic helicopter shot created a massive frenzy among cricket fans in not only India, but around the world. His long hairs and an ingenious style of hitting super boundaries created a strong sensation in cricket fraternity making him famous as ‘Mahi’. His straight forward and charming ways of responding to TV reporters reflected an honest and bold personality he carries within. He became a cricketer in a rather unconventional and interesting way.

MS Dhoni was an excellent badminton player and a football player as a child

MS Dhoni was an excellent badminton player and a football player as a child.

MS Dhoni - Early life, Schooling and life as a TTE

Mahi came from a middle-class family of Ranchi. His parents are from Almora District of Uttarakhand, but they moved out of the state on account of his father’s job. Pan Singh, Dhoni’s father worked at MECON. They were three siblings; his sister named Jayanti Gupta and his brother Narendra Singh Dhoni. In his schooling days at DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir of Ranchi, he played excellent football and badminton. A quality sports person since childhood, he was even selected at district as well as club level teams. As a teenager, he was the goal keeper of the football team, this transformed him as the wicket keeper of Commando Cricket Club from 1995 to 1998.

It was his entry to formal cricket where he excelled among other. His performance in 1997-98 season took him to Vinoo Mankad Under-16 Championship, where he was again successful to gain immense attention. Completing school, he got a job as a Train Ticket Examiner at Kharagpur Railway Station in 2001. He his friendly and playful nature created a wide friend circle who knew him as an honest and straightforward person. Along with his job he was parallelly playing cricket at district as well as at state levels.

Deval Sahay, ex-president of Bihar Cricket Association has key significance in the making of MS Dhoni

Deval Sahay, ex-president of Bihar Cricket Association has key significance in the making of MS Dhoni.

The route to mainstream cricket

In his school days, he was selected by Deval Sahay to play for Central Coal Fields Limited in 1998. He impressed Sahay with power hitting such that, the latter used to present Dhoni fifty rupees for every six he knocked. Sahay was an ex-president of Bihar Cricket Association and he was the President of Ranchi District Cricket President at that time. Sahay was the key person in the making of Dhoni in his early days. His pathways to Under-19 team of Bihar and eventually to Bihar Ranji Team was cleared and he made a swift inroad to first class cricket. He debuted in Ranji Trophy for Bihar in 1999 to 2000 season when he was only 18 years old.

MS Dhoni debuted ODI in 2004-05 tour of India. His record strike began from the second series he played for India. It was against Pakistan, where he became the highest scorer as a wicketkeeper of team India. He scored 148 off 123 in the Visakhapatnam match against Pakistan. He was made the captain of team India in 2007 in the ICC World T20 tournament, where he led the team to lift the trophy. In September of the same year, he was also made the captain of the ODI team. In November 2008, he became the captain of India’s Test Team.

His friendly attitude while playing and his graded way of handling pressure, made him the “Captain Cool” of team India. He gained thousands of diehard fans and followers who are still vigilant enough to guard this moniker for him. Recently, Ritika Sadeh, Rohit Sharma’s wife, was trolled mercilessly on social media for posing her husband as ‘Captain Cool’.

Dhoni is now the father of a cute baby girl named Ziva

Dhoni is now the father of a cute baby girl named Ziva.

MS Dhoni’s marriage, wife and family

Dhoni married Sakshi Rawat on July 4th of 2010. They knew each other since childhood as their parents worked in the same company. The families had good relationship and they even went to the same school at Ranchi. However, Sakshi’s family moved to Dehradun, after which they lost contact with each other.

Fast forward after about a decade in 2007, Sakshi and Dhoni met again in Kolkata. It was during the team India’s stay at Taj Bengal, where she was working as an intern. Manager of the hotel, Yudhajit Dutta introduced her to Dhoni. Latter, Dhoni took her number from Dutta and texted her. The story slowly unfolded as a lover’s tale and they started dating by the following year. The couple finally tied the nuptial bond. The wedding was at a resort near Dehradun. Now, they have a daughter named Ziva.

MS Dhoni’s biopic was a bit hit on Indian screens.

MS Dhoni’s biopic was a bit hit on Indian screens.

Net worth of MS Dhoni and his record Biopic

Dhoni’s contribution to Indian cricket is immense. He is known as one of best finishers of the world and a one of best wicket-keepers world. Apart from awards and honors related to cricket, he is also received civilian awards like Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. The Indian Territorial Army conferred him honorary rank of Lieutenant Colonel in November 2011.

Current net worth of MS Dhoni is estimated to be around USD 11 million. He also ventured as the co-owner of various sports franchisees. In 2015, he was ranked as the 23rd in the list of top 100 highest paid athlete. He is also the brand ambassador of many top global brands. Endorsement deals has been a heavy earning for the cricketer.

In 2016, a Bollywood movie named MS Dhoni: The Untold Story was released as the player’s biopic. It was a record hit becoming the fifth highest grossing Bollywood movie in 2016 in India. It collected around USD 17 million or 1.16 billion rupees. MS Dhoni’s stardom is at a grand height and he is still playing as a prominent player as well as match winner. His story so far is an interesting journey from trains to talkies through cricket.

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