Mohit Ahlawat creates a milestone knocking Triple Century in T20

 . Last updated on February 8, 2017, 12:45 PM
Mohit Ahlawat creates a milestone knocking Triple Century in T20
Mohit Ahlawat, the 21 years old batsman, is an ex-Ranji cricketer.
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A local lad in a local tournament earned the latest fame of being the fiercest striker in T20 on February 7. In a match between Maavi XI and Friend’s XI, batsman Mohit Ahlawat plundered an unbeaten triple century. In the match held in Delhi’s Lalita Park, the 21-year-old batsman scored the iconic figures. The player is also the wicket keeper. Ahlawat debuted in first class cricket playing for Rajasthan in 2015. The batsman reached a milestone in T20 cricket with his striking stance.

The feat is rather stunning because Ahlawat scored the runs in just 72 balls. In the stretch, there were 34 sixes and 14 fours. By the end of 18 overs, he reached 250. In the last two overs, the batsmen scored an incredible 50 runs. Lifting his score beyond 300, he became the first batsman to beat a triple century in T20. In the final over, he hammered 34 with five sixes in the last five balls of the inning. With the feat, the overall score of the team reached 416. So far, in domestic league T20s, the highest scorer is Chris Gayle, who smashed 175 runs in an IPL match in 2013. He was playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore against Pune Warrior. In T20 international, Aaron Finch is the highest individual scorer knocking 156. The match was against England, played back in 2013.

Ahlawat set of his strikes down the 11th over. In an after-match interview, he said, the zeal to strike harder came up after he reached 150. He wanted to scale up the score to 250 and asked his partner to give him the chance. In Ranji sessions, he could not deliver an impressive performance. He said that the failure in the first-class tournament made him tough. The low spoken young player said he was just invited to the match and he simply came in to join. About his achievement, he had little to say. He concluded, “it’s good that something like that has happened.”


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