Mendis-Dhananjaya partnership bolsters Sri Lanka in first inning

 . Last updated on July 6, 2018, 2:27 PM
Mendis-Dhananjaya partnership bolsters Sri Lanka in first inning
Kusal Mendis remained unbeaten with a score of 145 running pass the lunch break.

With a strong start in the inning, Sri Lanka posed a spearhead front with Kusal Mendis and Dhananjaya de Silva, both adding hefty runs into the tally. The latter played a couple of overs after the lunch break of Day three, ending his strike at 173 runs. The partnership with Mendis brought 307 runs with the team losing only a single wicket at the beginning of the inning. Bowler’s success in the inning was restricted to the early wicket of Dimuth Karunaratne, who ducked in the third over. Meanwhile, Mendis remained intact to his wicket brining 135 runs until the 85th over of the inning.

De Silva’s inning was particularly effective against spinners. The inning forged his position in Sri Lanka’s test cricket as another big name in the batting line-up. The batsman utilized all of the field finding good gaps all over. Bangladesh players were marginal in their play offering opportunities one after another to the batmen. Sri Lanka strikers did not leave a single occasion unreap. The inning went on peacefully, with no wickets, and the players kept on knocking occasional boundaries. The run rate averaged at nearly 4 per over, with the batsmen confident enough to steer the inning steady.

Kusal Mendis had a number of wobbles including offering an edge to Mustafizur Rahman. There were also occasions when bowlers hit his pad. However, the batsmen completed his century sustaining several attacks. The player was stiff against spinners, but Bangladesh fielders, specially at the slips were not agile enough.

At the beginning of the second day, Mahmudullah paired up with the lower order keep the inning alive. The players pulled up the score to over 500 to challenge Sri Lanka. In the eight-wicket partnership with Sunzamul Islam, the players scored 58 runs. Also, Mustafizur added good runs on his own including an impressive effort even in collecting singles. The inning had the best pair up when Mominul Haque and Mahmudullah combined for the strong score.

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