MCA adopts BCCI constitution with changes to 'Cooling-off’ clause

 . Last updated on January 16, 2018, 4:19 PM
MCA adopts BCCI constitution with changes to 'Cooling-off’ clause
Per Ravi Savant, former President of MCA, state associations “can’t blindly adopt what’s been recommended for BCCI.”

The Lodha Reform, after a long couple of years, is slowly perforating into state administrations. The Committee of Administration appointed by Supreme Court is gradually successful to implement the reforms in BCCI. Now, the state associations are falling in-line one after another. Lately, the Mumbai Cricket Association, MCA, accepted the new draft constitution of BCCI. There was only a single change in the constitution adopted by the association deferring to that of BCCI’s, the cooling-off period of officials. MCA accepted the higher age cap of officials as 70 years, along with resolving the maximum office tenure to nine years.

Per MCA, there is difference in administrations of BCCI and state associations. Hence, both cannot be looked through the same prism. The Mumbai Association will follow two consecutive tenures for officials. This MCA designators will be allowed to continue their offices for a maximum of two consecutive terms of three-years each. Per Ravi Savant, former president of MCA, there will be no incentive to work if only a single tenure of three years is allowed. Restricting a term only to three years will make officials only to “enjoy the fringe benefits of the chair and not want to work,” per Savant.

Ravi Savant is among the decision makers of MCA’s constitution committee. He also added that CoA has forwarded a request to SC to amend this specific clause in the Lodha Recommendation. The former president emphasized, BBCI and State Association have contrasting functions and are ‘totally different’. He said, it would be folly for State Associations to “blindly adopt what’s been recommended for the BCCI”.

For more than a year MCA, along with other state associations maintained a status quo with BCCI on Lodha Recommendations. The association did not receive any funds from BCCI since a year-and-half, finally doing away with the impasse. Per BCCI sources, more state associations like Vidarbha, Tripura and Kerala are lined up to adopt the BCCI constitution.



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