Magazine claims Spot-fixing in Third Ashes Test

 . Last updated on December 14, 2017, 4:02 PM
Magazine claims Spot-fixing in Third Ashes Test
Alex Marshall, ICC General Manager of Anti-Corruption, denied any match-fixing in the Ashes series.

Following a controversial claim by The Sun, both England and Wales Cricket Board and Cricket Australia, became alert against possible match fixing in Ashes series. The magazine disclosed that the third test of the series at WACA ground is being spot fixed. It is also alleged that bookies could provide more details on fixed games to prove their authenticity. Per reports, around 140,000 GBPs is involved in the fixing, amounting to about 69,000 GBP in a single session.

The report indicates Indian bookies are involved in the transaction along with players in Cricket Australia. The bookies claimed on working with match fixers within Australia Cricket, code named as ‘The Silent Man’. This person, as claimed, has worked with several domestic and international cricketers including a “world-cup winning all-rounder.”

A video surfaced in the magazine where a bookie was heard saying they had two sessions of the Test rigged in any of the day. He said, information like money associated with sessions would assist in placing bets. The bookie also asked for advance money for additional information, which would be provided after the toss. Further, the process of fixing was also explained. He said, a fixed cricketer on ground would signal the start of the ploy by making gestures like changing gloves, removing helmet, or wearing long sleeves. The person also claimed that spot fixing will be done in upcoming league tournaments like BBL and IPL.

ICC on the other hand, took over the matter seriously, commenting its Anti-Corruption branch would work on it. Alex Marshall, ICC general manager of Anti-corruption, said, although the initial materials received from The Sun did not have any evidence of corruption, the claim is being taken seriously and ICC is working closely with units in member countries to check the report. He said, the materials do not relate to Ashes tests particularly, but to several tournaments in general, including domestic T20s and other format matches. Marshall informed further materials from the magazine are being processed and the information will be investigated.


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