Lone CoA women member Diana Edulji complains BCCI's stance on Women Cricket

 . Last updated on August 30, 2017, 3:23 PM
Lone CoA women member Diana Edulji complains BCCI's stance on Women Cricket
Diana Edulji is the former captain of India Women Team.

The only women member in the BCCI Committee of Administrators, Diana Edulji disclosed several facets about BCCI's inner approach towards women cricket recently. It was a private event where the former India Women captain spoke about the odds within BCCI, which apparently, the Lodha Committee recommendations tried to change. Edulji termed the India Cricket Board as a 'male chauvinist organization'. She alleged, the organization does not give the required interest to women cricket.

The former cricketer directed her allegation to several officials in the board without naming them specifically. Presently, CoA is trying to implement the Lodha Recommendations in BCCI, which has been pending since the last couple of years. There are frequent clashes between the CoA and the BCCI administration as a tug-o-war to implement the courts order. However, until now, BCCI's administration seems adamant against the administrative changes.

Terming BCCI as a very male chauvinist organization, Edulji complained, 'the board never wanted women to dictate terms or get into this thing (cricket)'. She said, right from the beginning of her career as a female cricketer she has endured the difficult approach of BCCI towards women cricket. Acknowledging the fact that she has always been a 'BCCI basher' Edulji said some members of the board does not think that the present women cricket team is doing well. However, in the recently concluded ICC Women World Cup the women team of India raced to finale with an impressive form challenging the three times champion, England.

To this, the CoA member alleged that 'certain members within the board were not pleased by the impressive performance of the team.' She said, it is 'very difficult' for these members to accept the fact that the women team of India did very well in the World Cup. The former India captain pointed out an incident involving ex-president of BCCI N Srinivasan. She said, when Srinivasan was elected as the president he said, if he had his way he would not even 'let women cricket to happen.'


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