Lodha Panel hard press SC for removal of BCCI top brass incumbents

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Lodha Panel hard press SC for removal of BCCI top brass incumbents
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In its latest strike to BCCI, the Lodha Panel gave out a fresh proposal to Supreme Court to remove the existing office bearers of the Board as well as State Association. The panel hard pressed for removal of existing designations, that are not aligned with the new criteria. This would be a major crackdown, if implemented, because the top incumbents including the president are also disqualified in accordance with the new norms. Presently, office bearers mean the president, secretary, joint secretary, treasurer and five vice-presidents. The Committee is pressing the apex court to "dismiss"all the existing officials who does not qualify per new norms.

The tiff has been long between BCCI and the Panel. The committee suggested the removal the previous month when the board was called for hearing. The next hearing of the court is on December 5. The Lodha Panel has been submitting status reports underlining the changes and development within BCCI after they started working. If is reported that the last status report was less intrusive than the previous two. This indicates that the board is slowly falling in line with the recommendations.

In the latest report the committee proposed that GK Pillai should be appointed as the observer of the Board to oversee the daily management and administration. Mr. Pillai is the former home secretary with the federal government. The report also mentioned that the administration should be handed over to the appointed CEO, Rahul Johri. This will mean stripping the present president Anurag Thakur off his powers overhauling the basic structure of the board. It is found out that only four state associations have agreed so far to follow the new rules. The associations who have agreed are Vidarbha, Tripura, Rajasthan and Hyderabad. In the previous hearing, the committee complained that the board posed an adamant approach in its stand on non-compliance with the recommendations.

According to the directions, only an Indian citizen can be an office bearer and he or she cannot be older than 70 years. Additionally, the bearers should not hold any other designation at the same time. They cannot be any part of other sport association, state or central government office. A person holding an office of a minister or a government servant previously. Also, a previous office bearer of the Board for a cumulative period of nine years. There has been a unanimous voice from BCCI and several state associations opposing the Lodha Panel. A major issue has been the eligibility of office bearer.


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