Lasith Malinga suspended for Six months

 . Last updated on June 28, 2017, 2:17 PM
Lasith Malinga suspended for Six months
Lasith Malinga was among the top players hauling Sri Lanka to Semi-finals of recently concluded Champions Trophy.

It is clearly a fray between cricketers and cricket administrators of Sri Lanka, culminating as a suspension of world class bowler Lasith Malinga. In a recent interview, sports minister Dayasiri Jayasekara commented that Sri Lanka’s poor fielding standards were because players are not fit adequately. He said the “big bellies” were to blame. To this, the bowler said that the minister was not more than an “armchair critic” who has not played enough cricket at high level. The bowler said his criticism should not be taken seriously adding that he had not played high level cricket sufficiently.

Sri Lanka Cricket Board was aggravated in the statement and said it was a “contravention of terms of agreement.” Reportedly, the board bared Malinga even before from making any statements without prior consent from the CEO. Per SLC, the bowler breached the contract even before in June 19. To work on the latest comment on June 21, the board formed a three-member panel. It comprised of secretary Mohan de Silva, CEO Ashley de Silva and Asela Rekawa, the chairman of disciplinary committee.

The committee found that Malinga was guilty of breaching the contact agreement. The result- the bowler is suspended for six months and fined 50% of the match fee of his next ODI appearance. Malinga will be out of cricket for next six months for this action. The inquiry panel interviewed the bowler. He accepted the charges against him along with tendering a formal apology to the board. The ban was imposed for a year, which was suspended by six months. If there is another such breach of agreement, the rest of the six-month ban might also be imposed.

Sri Lanka cricket rolled out a press release stating the ban of the fast bowler. Lasith Malinga and the Sri Lanka team was back from England, from the Champions Trophy tournament. He was one of the top bowlers hauling the team to semi-final stage. Despite of his bowling, the Sri Lanka team faced the backlash of their weak fielding as the defeat.


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