Lack of funds puts J&K's Ranji participation at stake

 . Last updated on September 12, 2017, 2:10 PM
Lack of funds puts J&K's Ranji participation at stake
J&K Ranji player Samiullah Beigh sent a personal e-mail to Vinod Rai stating the grievance.

As a setback to domestic cricket Jammu & Kashmir Cricket Association is facing a financial crisis ahead of the Ranji Trophy. This complication might lead to the state abstaining from the Domestic tournament if not handled properly. For this, BCCI will have to deliver funds to this particular state association. As the issue required special attention, it was forwarded to the Chairman of the Committee of Administration, BCCI.

The problem in disbursement of fund is the ongoing hustle in BCCI on implementation of Lodha recommendations. In the previous season, only state associations that submitted a written confirmation on its implementation to the Supreme Court were provided funds. However, the J&K Association confirmed the implementation only verbally.

JKCA wants to drop their participation in the tournament. On this decision, the players themselves came up to carry on talks with BCCI. Per senior player of the team, Samiullah Beigh, the accounts of players are frozen and only BCCI's approval can release the accounts. The player also sent an e-mail to Vinod Rai pleading to address the grievances "on priority". The player also commented that it is unfortunate for JKCA not to have funds to participate in Ranji Trophy. The trophy is less than a month ahead.

Since Supreme Court's intervention on disbursement of funds, the players of the state are reported to have suffered. The state board was not paid since two previous seasons, which rendered the players of the state unemployed, as complained by Beigh. The player requested Vinod Rai to look into the matter seriously. But JKCA has not submitted any written confirmation on implementation of Lodha Panel.

BCCI has not disbursed funds to several boards along with JKCA, which did not comply with the order from Supreme Court. While on one hand, the livelihood and cricket of the state is at stake, on the other hand, the Board has not yet followed the expected procedure. J&K not participating the Ranji Tournament might isolate the team further, which would have considerable repercussion for both the sides.


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