Kuldeep Yadav, the new spearhead of India’s Spin arsenal

 . Last updated on March 27, 2017, 2:05 PM
Kuldeep Yadav, the new spearhead of India’s Spin arsenal
Kuldeep Yadav removed four wickets in the first inning of Dharamshala Test.
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It is the first time for India when it added the unique blend of left-arm-wrist-spinner in the international test squad. The Dharamshala test, which is crucial for both India and Australia, Kuldeep Yadav used his ingenuine bowling fully to wreak a havoc on the visitors in the first day. Yadav had the physical advantage of being short that allows him to bowl at natural dip. It becomes easier for bowlers, short in height, create a loop that is parabolic while bowling. This creates a natural dip. This however, is difficult for tall bowlers. The uniqueness in Yadav’s bowling is the angle with reference to the stumps. It presses right hand batsmen to play in their blind spots outside the leg stump.

In the first day, Yadav toppled David Warner, Peter Handscomb and Glenn Maxwell, who are considered as the top batsmen of the team. Warner misread the short deliveries from Yadav. They have a low trajectory and they appear as fast and short balls, whereas they are not. Yadav bowled full deliveries, which are difficult to cut. Such balls are often misread and they increase the probability of errors on the batsmen’s side. In the first day, he made the batsmen to play offensive shots and commit errors. This also made him to break free off the odds of a flat pitch bowling in full force.

Yadav also bowls with variations in leg spin. In first, the seam movement is across the pitch and in the second, the seam is scrambled. In the second type the ball spins after it pitches. The bowler removed Warner with the first type and with the second type, he toppled Peter Handscomb. Maxwell was bowled because he could not read the spin right, playing the delivery on the wrong line. Kuldeep was undoubtedly the prime attack of India in the first day. He turned the unfavorable pitch at Dharamshala, into his favor. India now has a sheer attack added to the arsenal of Ashwin and Jadeja. It would be interesting to know the rest of his play.


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