Kohli's impression on Young Cricketers worries Rahul Dravid

 . Last updated on October 31, 2017, 12:35 PM
Kohli's impression on Young Cricketers worries Rahul Dravid
Former India Captain Rahul Dravid said following Kohli might make young cricketers lose their authenticity.

Rahul Dravid, the famous cricketer known as "the Wall" put forward several cautionary remarks for young cricketers in a recent press meet. Apart from others, his advice on aggression, confidence and earnings of young cricketers were primary. The comments on aggression also included a caution against present captain of team India, Virat Kohli. Apparently, the former captain does not approve Kohli's attitude while playing a game or as a cricketer. Per Dravid, youngsters could go astray if they follow Kohli's approach. He said, following Kohli might make youngsters not being authentic to themselves. The Under 17 coach cautioned young cricketers that being authentic is "very, very important."

Dravid understood Kohli's approach as a want of contest in the game. He said Kohli indulge in saying outrageous things because it somehow helped him to get what he wants on field. He is not particularly opposed to the current captain. He said Kohli's approach helps the cricketer, but such aggression and attitude might not work for others.

Previously, a top Sri Lankan cricketer commented that Kohli's play is strong and that's a good thing, but he does not have to be aggressive all the time. Captain Virat Kohli is infamous for his hostile remarks and action on field. Dravid remarked on the "most outrageous things" that Kohli said before the Australia series. Rahul Dravid, the former captain is, in fact, worried about the impression of Kohli on junior cricketers. He said Kohli's approach getting "translated" to young cricketers in a "scary thing" for him.

The coach also emphasized that Under-19 and junior cricketers do not need agents. He advised young cricketers that they should hire agents only when they reach a level to that of the top performers like Kohli, MS Dhoni and others. Dravid said that he is "very happy" on the financial freedom of young cricketers. He compared the times in his early career to that of the present, which has become much improved. Dravid also accoladed the current level of "fearlessness and confidence" in young cricketers.


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