Jayasuriya emphasizes on honing Under-19 players in Sri Lanka

 . Last updated on February 9, 2017, 3:11 PM
Jayasuriya emphasizes on honing Under-19 players in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka could win only a single T20 match so far in the recent South Africa tour.

Sanath Jayasuriya, the former top batsman, who is also the chief selector of the team, pressed on the failure to adjust to foreign condition is the reason for the present bleak form of the team. The former player denied any flaw in the domestic system for the recent defeat of the team in South Africa. In the tour, the team faced a whitewash in test and is on the verge of another whitewash in ODI. However, they won the three match T20 series by 2-1. Another bummer in the team was the lack of centuries. None of the players could strike a century in the match. In the test series, there were three centuries.

Per Jayasuriya, there is no dearth of talent. But he accepted that the country is not producing champion cricketers as before. The country had world class players, including himself, who were strong enough to challenge any team. The selector said they need to assess the situation and “find out where the problem is and correct it.” He also pointed out the inability to handle pressure as challenging factor for the team. Jayasuriya wants intensive program at Under-19 level. Lastly, he emphasized on finding a way to play outside the comfort zone. He warned if they do not change the situation as soon as possible, they will win matches only at home.

In a press meet, Jayasuriya said the team should be able to play under any condition. He added that it would be of no point to excuse or to blame the domestic structure. He said the team’s success depends on how fast they could adapt to other conditions. He lamented that the team “took too long” to adapt. The players along with some retired ones, has been criticizing the domestic structure of Sri Lanka. The Premier League Tournament of the country is accused of been too long barring players to concentrate on other tournaments and formats. There are also issues regarding the domestic surfaces, which are regarded as spin friendly.


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