Jasprit Bumrah: Team India's Discovery in the Australian Tour

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Jasprit Bumrah: Team India's Discovery in the Australian Tour
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As the ODI Team from India was long ailed with a lackadaisical bowling front. A fuss was created just before the wake of the tour among cricket connoisseur like Chapell, Kapil Dev and so on, surrounding the issue of the dearth of all-rounder in the team. It was basically due to the fact that the team has a strong batting line with batsmen like RG Sharma, Kohli, S Dhawan and MS Dhoni himself, but, on the other side, Indian bowlers did rarely match against the top batsmen. Even if R Aswin did secure the top position in Test ranking of bowlers, such bet are not dependable in ODI matches. In a nutshell, the weakness in Indian bowling was quite apparent.

However, by the end of the Tour, Skipper MS Dhoni seem to find out a positive spark in the bowling front as his selection of Jasprit Bumrah to his maiden match came out to be a productive stunt. For the captain, Bumrah emerged as a hope for the coming matches at home that included the T20 world cup next month. The new bowler received good praise from the captain, who admitted that his bowling was "really good." For Dhoni, the bowler appeared as the potential player. The captain also point out that pressure is common in a game like cricket and he indicated that Bumrah is a good stake in the shorter format of the game.

The Captain perceived the gap in Indian bowling right but he also believed that what the team possessed was enough for the shorter format T20 matches. It was due to the fact that Indian has been playing T20s with an average successful rate and the overall bowling set up was good. Dhoni, however wanted to include more spinners and medium fast bowlers to the squad.

The advent of Bumrah in the team was backed up primarily with the captain's decision. His selection in the team was to substantial a shuffle within to replace old bowlers with new ones. Additionally, the captain's intention to give opportunities to players from the domestic circuit was another reason. As Dhoni mention about the selection, present times are the most favorable ones to bring out domestic players to the international team.

Indian skipper MS Dhoni has clearly mention that Jasprit Bumrah is the "Find of the Series" for the team. The bowler's performance was more than satisfactory in his debut international series. The bowling attack of the Indian squad seems to undergo a good formation. As the upcoming matches will be played at home, it would pose a better build up for new bowlers to mold their actions according to the requirement of international cricket. New bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah will have to press hard working to transform their approach from first class cricket to that of international ones.


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