Jaspreet Bumrah: The Calm York Master

 . Last updated on January 4, 2017, 6:30 PM
Jaspreet Bumrah: The Calm York Master

It is said that the masters are born not made, but it is always the physical conditions of life that let one to hone the talents by birth. For Jaspreet Bumrah, the condition was not to disturb his mother's afternoon sleep bowling on the wall inside the house in hot Indian summers. It was this instance when the bowler on the making had to practice to hit the angle between the wall and the floor for less noise. The kid learned to master how to direct a delivery on specific points on the pitch since childhood, a rare talent for bowlers, which might take decades of practice even for the finest bowler. This is when his training of iconic yorkers started.

Bumrah's unorthodox style is never challenged by any of his coach and cricket personalities he is associated with. They have always found the potential in his action keep it the way it is. Hitesh Majumdar, Gujrat Ranji team coach admits that the player "was tough to read" as he could deliver excellent bouncer as well as Yorker at the same breathe. Although Bumrah followed the famous bowlers in his early days, his action was completely off the hook being an ingenious invention of the player himself.

For Glen McGrath, Bumrah's bowling action was a good and there is no need for the player to change it. In fact, he gains a technical advantage over his action. As the right arm remains straight in the hyper-extension of his shoulders, the elbows do not bent and he used the wrist to pressure the ball while releasing. This makes the release point of the ball high and with massive strength. According to Manpreet Juneja, his close friend from the Ranji days, he "takes a pause just before release which gives him a big advantage. He gets those extra seconds almost to point and aim where to bowl." Juneja emphasized that his Calmness is a key to his success in both his bowling as well as his life.

In the wake of his career as an IPL cricketer, Bumrah gained the close association of great top international cricketers. This is when the bowler had the opportunity to learn from Malinga. The Sri Lankan pacer suggested him to apply more variations and use them properly. He was practicing hard, following the season to get into the next stage of his career. MS Dhoni rightly chose him for the Australia tour, which the captain posed as the "Find of the Tour." Following the stance, Bumrah's showdown in the ongoing World T20 has made him the most destructive bowler of the team.

The 22-year-old bowler is the latest addition to India's arsenal against wickets. Bumrah came out to be a special bet in bowling strategy with his unique capacity to confuse batsmen with bowling variations. The young player's game is the most effective addition to Dhoni's strategy to topple wickets or limit the flow of runs in crucial hours. His unique bowling action has filled in the long hiatus in innovative techniques by bowlers in the field of cricket. In these times when cricket is accused of being biased towards batsmen, bowlers like Bumrah is initiating the dawn of a new inning in cricket.


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