Issues in Lodha Report: BCCI's unhappiness and Selector's dilemma

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Issues in Lodha Report: BCCI's unhappiness and Selector's dilemma

Just after the report presented by Lodha Panel proposing a grand challenge to the structure of BCCI as well as a shuffle in its working administration, the board has expressed several concerns. As reported, BCCI is even ready to challenge the suggestions by the committee and will sent the report to be scrutinized by every affiliate state.

Most of new concepts introduced in the recommendation, like the one state one vote, chaining the board with RTI, inclusion of former judges and introduction of fixed terms are opposed by BCCI. Moreover, the developments like ban on government employees, retirement age and even the selection committee could not delight the board. Observing the extent of concerns raised by BCCI, it is clear that the Board has left quite a small portion of the report to be repudiated. The only point where BCCI coincide with the Panel is on legalization of betting. It is reported that BCCI has already proposed the norm, but it was turned down before.

The primary bone of contention for BCCI appears to be de-centralization of power. The Cricket Board has vehemently opposed this proposal backing it by an argument that the system is counterproductive on Indian context. The one state one vote formula is poised to lay off a huge number of office bearers and reducing the prominence of states, which are presently contributing a substantial amount of 1000 Cr. At present, there are 105 associate members and 10 full members comprising the Board. Another point of contradiction is bringing BCCI under the ambit of RTI, as according to the Board, only those organizations are entitled to the RTI Act that receives an ample amount of funds from government.

BCCI along with the present selection committee is antagonistic on the proposed changes in Selection Committee. According to former selectors, Dilip Vengsarkar, Kiran More and Sanjay Jagdale, the newly proposed Talent Committee will only do the basic scouting and it would not be sufficient to pool out talents in a populous country like India. They have argued that it is not possible for just three selectors to watch every domestic games that are played across the country.

The former selectors are favoring the present 5-selector policy. Jagdale has emphasized on the present system as it has already done two national selections between 2000 and 2008 and it is a proven formula. Vengasar pointed out that the BBCI has already proposed a Talent Committee to appoint 30 Talent and Research Development Officers that also include three scouts at Under-16 and Under-19 levels, across the five zones.

The report submitted by the Lodha Panel, in fact, is a clear blow to the existence of BCCI itself. The extent of changes proposed by the Panel is certainly a good stride towards the endeavor to bring back the sheen in Indian cricket administration, which is dulled by scams and high profile corruptions. However, its materialization into a properly working system depends on further developments in the sphere.


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