Ishant ready to take responsibility as bowling spearhead

 . Last updated on January 15, 2018, 2:20 PM
Ishant ready to take responsibility as bowling spearhead
Ishant Sharma is ready to take the helm of India’s bowling attack as a spearhead.

India’s loss in the first Test of the series against South Africa might have a selection glitch. This light up after Ishant Sharma impressed his team and fans in the second Test with an excellent return of 3 for 46 runs. Jasprit Bumrah’s debut in the first Test was not entirely misplaced as the bowler justified his play with good wickets.

Still, the drop of batsman like Ajinkya Rahane give critics a good point to question India selectors. So far, Sharma has been playing as defense, but it is first occasion when he put up himself in an attacking instance. After the day’s match, the fast bowler coincided that he is a “senior fast bowler of this team” and hence he has “to take the responsibility”.

India’s game in the second Test as well had fielding glitches along with lackadaisical bowling. In contrast to Mohammed Shami, Sharma could lunch his attacks positioning the deliveries at ‘good areas’ and ‘batsmen’s weak areas’. The fast bowler was successful to maintain a tough economy while he got three major wickets.

About fielding glitches, Sharma is not that alarmed terming the situation as a ‘part and parcel of the game’. He is hopeful that fielders will take brilliant catches in the future as well, as they have been doing at present. Per the pacer, there is no need of reacting on fielding glitches of the team. Sharma said, team India is equipped with coaches to deal with it.

Per Ishant Sharma, the day’s match was ‘pretty even’ for both India and South Africa. He said India bowled South Africa ‘pretty easily, for 335 runs’. Also, as India hangs on 170 for 5, the bowler mentioned South Africa’s endeavor as even. The home team was lost five wickets in 183 runs in the first inning. Sharma highlighted the partnership between Pandya and Kohli as ‘important obviously’. He hopes, the pair could take the game away from South Africa.

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