Is Skipper Dhoni Standing on Two Boats?

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Is Skipper Dhoni Standing on Two Boats?
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Mahendra Singh Dhoni, without a doubt, has been one of the strongest Captain in Indian international cricket. Nevertheless, numbers and facts suggest that times come for every captain when their strategies seem to fail. A series of matches gone out of India's ODI team has indicated a similar slant on the team's Captain. The wounds cut open fresh in the last defeat of 4-1 in the ODI Series against the Aussies. India lost four matches out of five even though a number of dramatic innings were ponied up by Indian batsmen like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, Shekhar Dhawan and Manish Pandey as well, aligned with the top scorers.

On contrast, Dhoni's score was 18 out of 13 balls in the first match, 11 runs off 10 balls, 23 off 9 balls in third ODI and 32 out of 42 balls in the fifth. In the fourth match the captain went out for a duck. Dhoni has been one of the most reliable batsmen for India who has lead the team to win many matches. There was no such problems with his latest dismaying scores but his position as the fourth batsman down the line hanged him and the team on the thread. One may raise a subtle doubt on his strategy to win the matches as he kept on repeating the same batting order despite its proven futility. At this point, considering lower batsmen at his position on the queue would have been a considerable decision.

The time Dhoni is through has been passed by every captain in Cricket. For instance Alastair Cook the English Skipper, lost many series under his leadership. Even Greg Chappell has been through troubled times as a captain of the Australian Team, the list is long. They all have demonstrated that the force can still be awaken even after a long repose. A critical aspect such instances have highlighted is the team's support to the strategy of the captain. The captain can only plan a method, the rest is on the hands of his players.

India had a weak bowling front and had no stronghold on fielding. Furthermore,,as indicated by the captain, there was also some 'communication gap' between players on the lower order. These aspects together, depicts only a lethargic condition of the team as well as its captaincy. The reign of Captainship is under Dhoni since 2007, it has been almost a decade. Chronology of captains has shown an almost analogous pattern on the latter parts of their stints. Only a handpicked number of captains has escaped the lowered curve of their performance before they laid off their spell.

Cricket experts have indicated that it is time for Dhoni to revamp his captainship if it is still possible and steer the team right. Now, it should be contemplated if Dhoni's position as a captain is emerging as a con to his performance as a batsman or his endeavor to keep up as a batsman is making him a sluggish skipper. The affair of being overburdened has been a hot topic among certain cricketers and the ailment might have also spread to Dhoni as well. If it is the brass track, options are open for the Skipper to put the Team on a better mode, even if it is for an experiment.


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