Is Bayliss right? Is it really the time to scrap T20 Internationals?

 . Last updated on February 20, 2018, 2:03 PM
Is Bayliss right? Is it really the time to scrap T20 Internationals?
England Coach Trevor Bayliss recently argued that top international teams should refrain from playing T20 Internationals.

In the recent post-match interview, England coach Trevor Bayliss set off a stir in international cricket fraternity. The coach pulled out an argument that T20 International matches should be scrapped all together. Per the coach, it is time to rethink about T20 format as teams are being busy throughout the year in short formats without much addition of value. Apparently, the tri-lateral T20 series between England and New Zealand had a sour taste for England. Captain Eoin Morgan admitted that his team “played terribly” in the series losing the first two matches. Still, England was in the final, winning the latter matches, to which, Morgan responded, “It didn’t feel like a win.”

Whatever be England’s stance in the series, Bayliss had good reasons to back up his point. Per the coach international cricket is now overdosed with matches that are not important at all. Bayliss put forward a suggestion that teams should play the shortest format only before six months of the world cup. However, he supported the idea of league cricket around the world. Even with his strong arguments Bayliss had counteractive opinions. For instance, Mike Hesson said the format is still relevant for teams like New Zealand, which still have enough rooms to grow.

Mike Hesson, New Zealand Head coach agreed to disagree with Bayliss saying teams like that of his own still need more exposure to the format.

At present, the top teams around the world are through a spree of finding slots for tournaments through their busy schedules. While, bilateral tours are becoming longer comprising of matches of all three formats. While teams are on tours of an average of two months, balancing their game through formats and teams are becoming difficult. India, for example, played more test matches in 2016-17 season and now in 2017-18 and beyond, its schedules are stuffed with ODIs. Against such backdrop, playing bilateral or trilateral T20s emerges as somewhat irrelevant.

In this condition, T20s matches have become a second-best format. Teams are beginning to reserve their best players for longer formats. Cricketers as well, are becoming more inclined towards league cricket, rather than playing T20s for their own teams. This would make the format more uninteresting in future with both viewers and cricketers losing attraction.

T20 format have been the crucial bet for new teams as well as new cricketers like Jofra Acher.

While many top cricketers as well as coach seem to be losing interest in T20 format, it is still considered as a popular game especially in new emerging international teams. May new countries have adopted the format as their standard due to the shortened schedule. The shortest format of the game is the most appropriate one for new countries.

Another important facet of T20 is its continued bearing towards creating new cricketers. As the format became popular the trend of inclusion of new players in international teams have become more widespread. More players are finding ways to their international teams through the format. This is naturally a better avenue for new cricketers. Additionally, women Cricket is also a strong reason for T20 to survive. The shorter format has boosted women cricket in the most effective way.


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