IPL 2018 Review: Money game and Profits

 . Last updated on June 26, 2018, 12:14 PM
IPL 2018 Review: Money game and Profits
This IPL season a single run was valued at INR 1,44,734, while a single wicket was valued at INR 41,75,432.

IPL is among the greatest league cricket tournaments in the world. While franchisee T20 leagues is more about expenditure, money and Return on Investments, the tournament is also a strong assessment of players and their forms. Also, the direct relation with monetary returns of any amount invested on a player makes the equations more interesting.

After IPL 2018, a look at investment of teams and their corresponding profits brings for a contrasting outcome. Interestingly, this season, profits made by teams and their investments became inversely proportional. The only deviation was in Delhi Daredevils in terms of expenditure and returns. The collective investment by teams on players in the season was 552 Cr. When this amount is related to scored runs and wickets, the value burst with whopping amounts. The analysis was prepared by ESPN, the sports channel.

In the tournament, total runs scored was 19098 and total wickets to fall was 662. This corresponds to INR 1,44,734 for each run and INR 41,75,432 for a single wicket. Sunil Narine brought a batting value of INR 6.91 Cr, while his bowling value stood at INR 7.67 Cr. Thus, his total value after the tournament came out as INR 14.69. He finished as the most valuable player of the season.

Other players who fetched value are Andre Russell, Kane Williamson, Lokesh Rahul, Andrew Tye and Hardik Pandya. While, Deepak Hooda, Yuvraj Singh, Aaron Finch, Manish Pandey and Axar Patel were the players turning out with the lowest Return on Investment. While Hooda was auctioned at 9 Cr., he could fetch only 3.60 Cr. to his team.

Apart from players, team returns are more interesting to watch. Kolkata Knight Riders emerged as the most profitable franchisee of the tournament with a gain of 12.66. The squad cost of Knight Riders was 63.72, while they created a value of 76.38, to materialize a return of 19.87.

In contrast, Royal Challenger Bangalore spent 79.15 on players, while brining on 63.33 Cr. This was a difference of 15.81 in investment and return, making it the team with heaviest loss. Teams with profit margin this season are Chennai Super Kings, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Delhi Daredevils, while the rest faced loss with negative ROI.


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