India to campaign for ODI record in fourth match

 . Last updated on September 28, 2017, 12:00 PM
India to campaign for ODI record in fourth match
Virat Kohli, the ODI score mill of India has not got a century so far in the series. He cannot afford a dead rubber syndrome in the last two matches.

After winning three ODIs in the five match series, India has already sealed the tournament. The last two matches are dead rubbers, but the team would hardly want to leave these fixtures to Australia. A Dead Rubber syndrome is the last thing for the visitors to expect, because winning the match is crucial for the host.

Team India has won the world cup twice so far and is regarded as one of the strongest teams in the format. However, in a special aspect, the team is aligned with the odds of Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Along with these two teams India is the one that did not win 10 consecutive ODIs until now. South Africa and Australia are, by far, ahead in this particular record. South Africa reached the feat five times, Australia did it six times. Also, Pakistan, West Indies and Sri Lanka nicked the record twice.

India has won 9 consecutive ODIs at a stretch so far starting from the Caribbean tour before a couple of months. If the team wins the next ODI against Australia, it will be the 10th victory back to back, a record India waited for long. A victory will create a history for team India. Meanwhile, Australia had its woes doubled losing the series. With the previous defeat, it marked the 11th consecutive loss in ODI format. Losing the next match will create a dip the team's record. Hence, winning the match is crucial for both the teams despite the series results.

In addition to the feat in the format, some of the players also have not settled accounts in the series so far. For Instance, skipper Virat Kohli has not beaten a century so far in the series. He has been the leading ODI scorer in the team. Both of the last two matches are good opportunities for the player. Australia will play with further changes down the line. Adam Zampa will be back to the pitches as Pat Cummins is rested.


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