India bowlers steering Cricket to new heights

 . Last updated on November 9, 2017, 2:16 PM
India bowlers steering Cricket to new heights
India bowlers like Hardik Pandya emerged to laudable prominence in international cricket.

Lately, team India is through a sync in both bowling and batting. This positive aspect in the team is a crucial factor for its success across the format as well as consecutive series. In the recent matches against New Zealand, in both ODI and T20 format, the contribution of bowlers was critical. Especially, the last match was all on bowlers, who had the prowess to defend a paltry target such as this, even if the pressure of shortened overs was on the visitors.

India bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Yuzvendra Chahal was under pressure too, but the players handled them elegantly. An iota of pressure was observed as a slackened run rate in some overs or as an unprecedented extra in some, but at the end, India bowlers came out as successful bets. Jasprit Bumrah was awarded the Player of the Match as well as the Player of the Series.

It is apparent that apart from impressive batting, the bowling ensemble of India has also become quite laudable. Skipper Kohli, who himself had a low strike through the recent series accoladed bowlers saying, “they deserve a lot more credit than they usually get otherwise.” So far, cricket has been a dominating game of batsmen, but with recent turnarounds, the impression and impact of bowlers are overriding. In the latest match, bowlers came up as the sole deciders of the game. The team with better bowlers had the game finally.

As far as India batters against New Zealand bowlers are concerned, they seized what they wanted. Virat Kohli posed a target of 65 in eight overs. The visitor bowlers could not restrict India from reaching it even if they managed to take wickets. While on the chase, New Zealand batsmen could not scratch out the score they required. In fact, the margin of win was quite high. The final over decider was an excellent show up from Hardik Pandya, who emerged as the best finish defender of not only India, but throughout international cricket.

India bowlers are brought a shift of gears turning away cricket from an exclusive dominion of batsmen. This is beautiful and “wonderful” as Kohli described his bowlers.



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