India advances to take over Series from England on fourth day of Mohali Test

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India advances to take over Series from England on fourth day of Mohali Test
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By lunch of the fourth day in the Mohali Test, India launched itself closer to victory striking down England's wicket. The team started the second inning trailing India by 134 runs. But the India's attack became stiffer knocking down the team to 156 for 7. Therefore, by almost half of the fourth day, England managed a lead by a paltry 22 runs. While, India maintained a sheer pressure on the team with Ravindra Jadeja taking down Joe Root, the top scorer. Root's 78 was the only substantial tally of the inning.

The first wicket of the day for India came as Gareth Batty. The player continued his overnight stretch only to play two balls. He was trapped by Jadeja on his second ball. However, the stretch thereafter had Jadeja on trouble. Root and Buttler paired well and sent his deliveries out of boundaries. There was no way for Kohli than to change his line of attacks. He brought Jayant Yadav into the scene and it worked out good. Buttler was dominant on his approach, which became his own trap. Trying to smash hard, he lofted Yadav with some success to bring a four and a six. But it was all limited, the player being down for 18 off 18 balls.

In contrast, Hameed was playing slow through the spin attacks. R Ashwin was close to get him, but it gave zilch, as Parthiv Patel could not make it. Umesh Jadav tried some spins on the player without any results. Also, Mohammed Shami came up with his pacers, but the pitch did not help him out. Thus, the young player survived even if he could not offer a good contribution into the tally. Root, on the other hand, delivered a strong inning. He escaped another failure from Patel but Jadeja's contrive came out as a successful one.

Haseeb Hamid was placed at number 8, straight down from the top line up as he came back from a finger injury. The player was also debarred from fielding in the previous inning because of the injury. The abrupt change in the order has shown a bit inconsistency in the built up of the team. Cook seemed to have taken Kohli's squad on a lighter note, which restraint him from taking some solid decisions. After all, the captain said that his team had nothing to lose and the new players on India's side was an advantage. But the likes of Cheteshwar Pujara and the surprising batting stances of India's bowlers surely must have given him a better glimpse. On the other hand, his debutant, Hamid emerged as a lose bet. By lunch, the player could only score 13 off 88.


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