Creation of Next Generation Batsman: According to Ian Chappel

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Creation of Next Generation Batsman: According to Ian Chappel

Ian Chappel, the better know "Chappelli", has recently pinpointed on the evolution of young batsman and their styles. The old leader has been one of the greatest names in ICC ODI Cricket. He has keenly observed how cricket has transformed and along with it, the shots, batting actions, bowling and more importantly, the approach of budding cricketers. Chappel is emphasizing on the creation and motivation of young players. According to him, the evolution of T20 has rendered massive changes in the cricket sphere, changing the game fundamentally. Against the backdrop, where long tests overs are gradually decreasing, scores are heightening and matches are becoming more active, new generation cricketers are coming up with extensive coaching, but with little effect.

In present cricket scenario, for bowlers, the choice is between: the desire to produce string of dot balls or to prioritize wickets. Young fast bowlers should follow cricketers like Dale Steyn, the fast bowler who combines high strike rate and low economy, according to Chappel. The elderly player has highlighted R Ashwin as a beacon for spinners adding that the Indian bowler has the capability to take wickets at both ends of the batting order and "keeps long balls to a minimum."He says that the secret to good bowling is the faith on oneself that the wicket can be dismissed.

According to Chappel, the dilemma involving development of young batsman is to choose between concentrations on methods that gives more hitting power, scoring more than 10 runs per over and the need to adjust into any type of games, may be it short T20, long tests series or ICC ODI cricket. Following the example of Micheal Hussey, who uses combined methods of attacks, off-drives, gentle taps and power laden shots, Chappel emphasized the formation of a strong foundation for batsman that will allow them to adjust into any type of matches.

He advised young batsman to emulate the style and development process of cricketers like Tendulkar, Hussey and AB de Villiers. He observed that most of new batsmen are lacking a solid foundation and have to go through tough times when they face good bowlers. He expressed his concerns on the way new batsman are being developed. Chappel speculates that batsmen are being over coached instead of advocating a solid defense and self-learning in them. His message to young batsmen is simple and sharp: "Seek good coaching or else avoid it at all costs and learn the game for yourself."


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