ICC might sideline USA from Associate Membership

 . Last updated on March 6, 2017, 10:41 AM
ICC might sideline USA from Associate Membership
Eric Parthen, USACA Project Manager to ICC strongly suggested to implement the new administrative structure.

ICC is all set to follow the new constitution, which it approved in the Dubai, before a couple of months. Per new rules, USA Cricket Association should overhaul its governance structure by April 1. The Association did not follow the instructions so far, for which, they received notice from ICC. In the latest move, ICC has given a second chance to avoid an expulsion from Associate Membership. USACA is entitled to change 39 terms and conditions to be at par with the new constitution. The ratification was put in place since June 2015. If USACA fail to ratify the constitution by April 1, ICC will start a motion to expel the Association. The next board meeting is in April and will set a vote of expulsion at June, in ICC Annual Conference.

The new ICC framework calls a structure of 10 persons in the board. It will comprise of three independent directors and two player directors. The two player directors will have a male player and a female player. One director of the board will represent the leagues and would be voted by the leagues in the country. Another director will represent all clubs and will be voted only by clubs. The other three directors will be elected from votes from individual members nationwide. The new governance structure will also have an independent chairman. Per Eric Parthen, USACA Project manager for ICC, the new constitution is driven by SFAG to provide a platform for cricket to grow and flourish at every level. He believes that it is the best opportunity for cricket in USA as a sport.

Earlier, the deadline to follow the new structure was on December 15, 2016. However, ICC and USACA reached a “consensus” just a couple of days before the deadline. The new constitution was formed by the Sustainable Foundation Advisory Group, which was formed specially to implement a USA development strategy. The US Olympic Committee also helped in creation of the new constitution, they proposed the representation of players and independent directors in the board.


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