ICC increases Prize money for Women World Cup by Ten folds

 . Last updated on May 12, 2017, 5:51 PM
ICC increases Prize money for Women World Cup by Ten folds
Women Cricket is becoming competitive. Per ICC Women World Cup 2017 will be a turning point in the sport’s history.
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The new constitution of ICC is finally beginning to show up its positive colors. In its latest stance, the council came up with a massive boost for Women Cricket. Recently, the there was a ten-fold increase in prize-money for Women World Cup 2017. As announced, the prize money is now USD 2 million. Women World Cup is set to begin in England next month. In 2013, the prize money in the tournament was only USD 200,000. David Richardson, ICC Chief executive said the tournament is the “pinnacle of the women’s game.” He emphasized on the need of rewarding players appropriately. Per the executive, the amount is the first step towards greater parity and recognition.

Richardson believes the women’s game is crucial to the global growth of cricket. He knows the growth is gradual and there cannot be an overnight change. There was also an increase of global audience for women cricket. The women version of cricket world cup has become a new center of attraction for cricket fans. The teams played qualifier tournament in the early months of the year. There were about 18 million views of the tournament’s highlights. This depicts the increasing popularity of Women cricket among cricket fan bases.

Also, women cricket is bringing women audience into the circuit, which itself is a phenomenal step towards the growth of the sport. The increasing competitiveness among the top teams of women cricket is another factor adding to its own growth. This has brought up the tournaments on part with their male counterparts. Richardson thinks Women’s World Cup this season would be a turning point in the tournament’s history as well as in cricket. He is aware of the growing interest on the game. He said ICC want to lead by example making women cricket into fore.

Another step to boost the game is the newly added provision of live telecast of every match of the tournament. It would broadcast live in television or in and digital platform or website. DRS will be introduced into the tournament for the first time.


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