ICC betting for Test and ODI Leagues

 . Last updated on June 23, 2017, 2:18 PM
ICC betting for Test and ODI Leagues
Per ICC CEO David Richardson Option C will make each team play “as fair as possible.”

ICC Chief Executive Committee is on fast tract to work out Test and ODI league schedule. This will contextualize international cricket to a large extent. The new plan is known as Option C. This includes the plan of Test league starting from 2019. Per the plan the top nine test playing nation will participate in a minimum of 12 Test series in both home as well as international venues. The series will be played over a period of four years. This plan leaves out the opportunity for teams like Ireland, Afghanistan, and Zimbabwe. Currently, these teams are lowest in ICC test rankings.

Option C also has massive provisions for ODI leagues. The ODI tournaments will be played among 13 teams. These matches will be played over a period of two years from 2020. The ICC will decide on finalization of the new plan. The council will meet on Friday. The ratification will include a formalized plan for the tournaments with specific dates, terms and condition. However, this all will happen only after the Chief Executive Committee approves the move in the meeting.

As per the current plan, the Test League will start after the World Cup season in 2019 and it will continue until 2023 World Cup season. Two top teams will emerge at the end of the long league tournament as the finalist. The cycle will finally end with the play-off between the two top teams. Each Test team will play a maximum of 12 Test series. Six of these will be scheduled at home and the other six away from home. Every year two test series will increase for a single team.

Currently, there is a contrasting difference in the number of test matches played by the top teat teams. Australia, India, South Africa played 12 series each, England and West Indies played 13 each, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, 14 and Bangladesh played 10. New Zealand played the highest number of Tests series, that is 16, while Zimbabwe played only 9.


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