ICC agrees to pay BCCI USD 112 million more

 . Last updated on June 23, 2017, 11:48 AM
ICC agrees to pay BCCI USD 112 million more
ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar is the keyperson to scrap the Big Three Model.

After a scrimmage of almost six months, the battle over fund distribution between BCCI and ICC is over. Both sides have come to an agreement on the new financial model. Finally, it culminated as an additional amount of USD 112 million. ICC previously stipulated an amount near to USD 300 million. This decision was agreed by all other nine member nations voting in favor of it. While India was the only nation that disagreed on the amount. ICC will earn about USD 2.7 Billion in the cycle 2016-2023. The full members were entitled to receive USD 1.536 billion and Associate members were entitled USD 240 million.

A per the new financial model, ECB will receive USD 139 million. This left USD 128 each for all other boards including Cricket Australia, Cricket South Africa, Pakistan Cricket Board, New Zealand Cricket, Sri Lanka Cricket, Cricket West Indies, and Bangladesh Cricket Board. ICC reduced USD 4 million from the previous amount the boards received. The only board which did not have any change on amount was Zimbabwe Board. It used to receive USD 94 million. The eight boards will now receive USD 32 million less than the combined amount. The Share of associate members was also cut short by USD 40 million.

Per the newly agreed financial model, only BCCI’s share in increased. Most likely, this amount is being siphoned from that of Associate member’s as well as other eight boards. Also, ICC has reduced its own events cost by about USD 16 million. BCCI’s prime concern was the break away from Big Three Model, which ensured maximum funds to the top three nations contributing to global cricket. The top boards were BCCI, CA and ECB. This model was put in place because these nation’s contribution to ICC have been the largest. Also, cricket economy in these nations are the most rewarding ones.


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