Highest and Lowest Scores in Earlier Seasons of Champions Trophy

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Highest and Lowest Scores in Earlier Seasons of Champions Trophy
Nathan Astle and Andy Flower are with the highest individual scores of 145 in the tournament so far.

Champions Trophy was known as the ICC KnockOut Trophy in its early seasons. The tournament started in late 1990s, the Golden Age of ODI. The first edition was in 1998, after much emphasize and brain work of Jagmohan Dalmiya. It had two objectives: to boost ICC Funds and to introduce cricket in countries playing no Test cricket. It was the reason, the first venue was scheduled in Bangladesh, who started playing test in 2000. Until 2006, Champions Trophy was played once in every two years. The 2008 edition that was to be held in Pakistan was cancelled, pushing the tournament next year in South Africa.

In the history of seven seasons, exactly 100 matches were being played in Champions Trophy. Here we have listed the highest and lowest batting scores, as a quick revision of the tournament.

Prior to this current 2017 edition, the highest total in the tournament was from New Zealand. The team scored 347 runs for four wickets playing against USA in 2004. The match was played in the Oval. The second highest score is from India playing against South Africa in the 2013 match. India scored 331 for 7 wickets to win the fixture against South Africa. The third highest was from England in 2009 season. It was against the home team, South Africa. England plundered 323 runs for 8 wickets to win the match.

The three lowest team scores in the tournament are from USA, Bangladesh, and West Indies. In a 2004 match, USA scored 65 runs batting 24 overs against Australia. Bangladesh played shorter in 2002 season. The team scored 77 off 10 wickets in 19.3 overs against New Zealand. Whereas, West Indies could score only 80 runs against Sri Lanka in 30.4 overs.

In individual scores, Nathan Astle, Andy Flower, Sourav Ganguly, Sachin Tendulkar and Graeme Smith are on top. Nathan Astle and Andy Flower scored 145 as the highest runs so far in the tournament. Flower scored against India in 2002. In the next season in 2004, Nathan Astle remained unbeaten with the figures against USA. The next highest score is 141, reached by three batsmen: Ganguly, Tendulkar and Smith. Ganguly remained unbeaten in the match against South Africa in 2000 season. Tandulkar achieved the feat in the first season of the tournament, while, Graeme Smith beat it in 2010 edition against England.


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