Head Coaches of both Zimbabwe and West Indies disappointed on DRS

 . Last updated on November 3, 2017, 1:02 PM
Head Coaches of both Zimbabwe and West Indies disappointed on DRS
Heath Streak and Stuart Law are apparently in disagreement with the new DRS law of restricted number of reviews.

The new changes in DRS laws landed on its first row of criticism after the Test between Zimbabwe and West Indies ended as a draw. The result of the match put up some stern question on the new DRS rules and their practical implications on the game. Zimbabwe could have change the course of the match if the team had not wasted an opportunity to review an umpire's decision. It was the partnership between Jason Holder and Shane Dowrich, that proved too hefty for Zimbabwe. In the same way, West Indies too lost the chances of using DRS against Graeme Creamer. Hence, the tweaks in DRS rules did not do any justice to both the teams.

As the match ended as draw, the head coaches of both team Zimbabwe and West Indies became quite uncomfortable with the new system. Stuart Law, Head Coach of West Indies, said that caps on DRS rules has made it available only for two incorrect appeals. He added that the expensive technology "is ludicrous" if it cannot be even used properly in matches. Law put it bluntly, to him "that doesn't quite make sense." He appealed to players that they should understand that only two reviews are possible. Law thinks that the new rules will put an end to "absolute howler." However, he proposed that if a player cannot review a decision that opposes his confidence, it should be "looked into."

Zimbabwe coach Heath Streak said it was quite clear that the decisions were incorrect. He pointed out the expenses in DRS systems. Per the head coach, such technologies are used to have better and more correct decisions. But by the end of the game, it happened such that DRS ended up losing its use when it was required crucially. He proposed increasing the number of DRS uses to 4 or 5. He complained, he sees no reason to limit DRS reviews to only two.


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