Harsha Bhogle, the Voice of Cricket

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Harsha Bhogle, the Voice of Cricket

Harsha Bhogle, the voice of cricket, is among the best cricket commentators in the world.

Among cricket commentators, Harsha Bhogle is certainly among the bests. Apart from being the men of interesting talks on the game, he is a journalist and a frontline motivational speaker. He is also a co-author of the book named ‘The Winning Way’, along with his wife. He authored the biography of Mohammad Azharuddin, former captain of team India. For his eloquent commentaries, Bhogle is also called as the Voice of Cricket. He is not only well his for in-depth insights on the game, but also for his expressive way. In his website, he came up with several thoughts that replenish the mind. He says, “Most entertainment is an escape from reality, sport is an escape to reality.”

Harsha Bhogle’s insights towards Indian cricket and analysis of cricketers come up with the best meanings. Recently is spoke about on team India that is playing the ongoing Asia Cup 2018, campaigning to brining Ravindra Jadeja back to the primary XI. Bhogle believes that bringing Jadeja will bring on more balance in the line-up. After India’s lousy Test campaign in England, the top commentator expressed his skepticism on Shikhar Dhawan’s future in Test Cricket. He made a bold comment that he is not sure if Dhawan could make it to the Test team on the onset of Two-Test Series against West Indies. This series will determine the pipelined Tests against Australia, as it is crucial for India to find the best possible bets.

Bhogle has been commenting on cricket matches since he was a 17-years old teenager

Bhogle has been commenting on cricket matches since he was a 17-years old teenager.

Bhogle is from a family, which is indulged deeply in education sector. He is the son of Professor A.D. Bhogle, a noted French linguist. His mother is Shalini Bhogle, a renowned professor of psychology. His roots explain the blend of language and understanding the not-so-easy ecosystem of cricket and cricketers. Bhogle’s schooling was in Hyderabad Public School. He holds a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University College of Technology. Latter, he joined the prestigious IIM Ahmedabad to study management. He also worked in a couple of companies in different roles for almost half a decade. Harsha Bhogle married Anita Bhogle, who is not only his wife, but a successful partner in his career.

Bhogle’s tryst with cricket began when he played small level cricket as a child for APCA. But his analytical mind took over his talent as a cricketer. His first commentary was for All India Radio when he was only 19 years old. In 1991-92, he became the first commentator from India to be invited by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was during the cricket series between India and Australia before the World Cup. He began working for ABC Radio Grandstand. Bhogle also worked with BBC in the commentary team. In 1996 and 1999 World Cup, he was working for BBC as a commentator.

Harsha Bhogle has frequent rifts with BCCI and its management

Harsha Bhogle has frequent rifts with BCCI and its management.

He started presenting live cricket since 1995. He was with ESPN Star Sports along with Ravi Shastri, Sunil Gavaskar and Alan Wilkins in the ‘Few Good Men’ team. Bhogle has been a regular commentator in IPL since 2009 season. In 2016 April he was dropped from BCCI’s commentary team for an alleged criticism of Indian players. Harsha Bhogle is associated with several online and TV programs. He rolled out a TV series named ‘Harsha ki Khoj’ as a talent hunt program. Apart from commentaries, Bhogle is also active as a regular anchor in cricket matches. He was also the team advisor to Mumbai Indians during IPL 2008.

Currently, Bhogle hosts a Star Sports program named “This Week’s Special.” The show is dedicated to special memories of cricket. Bhogle often has rifts with his BCCI counterparts. He also does video analysis apart from writing blogs on cricket for various top platforms.


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