Happy Ending to BCCI-CA tussle over DSR review Controversy

 . Last updated on March 10, 2017, 12:09 PM
Happy Ending to BCCI-CA tussle over DSR review Controversy
The good times when Kohli and Smith being wished by Tony Abbott, former Australian Prime Minister.
Image BCCI

Finally, the short Smith-Kolhi tussle restraint itself from escalating further. BCCI and CA were almost at a virtual fight backing up their own captains and teams on the fray. While CA complaint it was ‘outrageous’ to question Smith and his integrity, BCCI replied it stating the player’s own acceptance of the fact. Even after ICC said that they would take no action against both the captains and tried to compromise the issue, BCCI went ahead and lodged “official” complaints against Steve Smith and Peter Handscomb handing them video footage of the incident. This could have really escalated as ICC would have been under an official responsibility to deal with it.

The trouble at both the ends would have taken ugly turn because both the boards almost took offensive stances against each other. While BCCI wanted an investigation of Australia’s attempt to sough for DRS reviews with dressing room assistance, CA wanted disciplinary action towards Kohli for making public accusations on Australia players.

However, BCCI withdrew the complaint against the players concluding the spat on a lighter note. The board took out the complaint just after hours. ICC came forward to solve the trouble bringing the CEOs of both the board on the same page. The CEO of both the Boards met and signed a joint statement of peace after two days of the controversy. ICC stated that it would not pursue the DRS controversy further. ICC might have studied the footage and the available evidences provided by BCCI. Australia however, had the benefits of doubts and ICC decided not to press any charges further.

James Sutherland, CEO of CA said that the teams are half way down the series and “there is still much to look forward to.” CA agreed that it would at the best interest of the game to put differences aside and focus on cricket. Implying a similar undertone, Rahul Johri, BCCI CEO said the board responded officially on the incident and believed that it is imperative to focus on the rest of the series. He said that the joy the teams provide to fans cannot be diluted and compromised.


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