From Schooling to Umpiring, the debutant Women Umpire of World Women T20 2016

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From Schooling to Umpiring, the debutant Women Umpire of World Women T20 2016

The Women's World T20 2016 would witness a unique development in the World of Cricket. It is about the first ever women umpires in an international cricket ground. Claire Polosak, along with Kathy Cross would head out for their debut umpiring stances in the international women's matches. They will be the first women umpires to officiate in Women's World T20.

Claire Polosak is a science teacher in a primary school in Australia, it is only her interest and self-made skills that brought her the honor. The journey of begun more than a decade ago when her father offered a chance to study for the umpires exam back in 2003. It was because she just could not stop making out points and references pertaining to rules of cricket every time she watches a match on TV. Her cricket knowledge and interest made her father to offer the proposal. However, in the exam, she could not bag a success and she made the way out as a school teacher.

It is said that if there is a will, there is a way. For Claire, it was as if, umpiring transforming as her destiny. She begun to volunteer as an umpire after teaching at school. She was chasing for every chance to transform her interest practically, whenever she had an opportunity. She followed the game even if there were no women's cricket in the town and took inspirations from the large posters of cricketers on her wall. She showed up in random games and it was "how it all started." For Claire, umpiring "turned into a passion."

In 2011, Claire moved to Sydney to complete her university. The move became a boon for her umpiring career as she now had a new horizon to cricket. She begun the attempts for Cricket Australia’s exams. In three attempts she passed with high marks and begun her career as an official umpire of junior grade matches. In this stage, it was more about the struggle to carry on her passion as there was very less income at grade level umpiring. It was only in 2015 when she was chosen as the first female to officiate as the third umpire in a domestic one-day cup in Australia. The opportunity was a ray of hope that strengthens her determination to continue umpiring.

Claire Polosak is now the youngest women umpire in Women's World T20 2016. The 27 years old is with her dual role as a school teacher as well as an umpire. She says, "at the moment, I haven't had to make a choice between teaching and umpiring, so that's a future problem to have." It is how the science teacher from a small town of Goulburn made her way to the International grounds of World T20. Claire Polosak is certainly an inspiration for women in cricket. She is a beacon for hundreds of women like her who caress a dream to be someone in the fabulous world of cricket. She eyes for the ICC Elite Panels of Umpires, and the goal seems to be nearing.


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