Former Captain Graham Gooch funds for Gambling awareness course

 . Last updated on March 23, 2017, 2:37 PM
Former Captain Graham Gooch funds for Gambling awareness course
Graham Gooch, the former England Captain, is associated several humanitarian works.

Graham Gooch, the former England captain is being associated with several humanitarian works. In a recent move the former captain helped the PCA to fund gambling awareness course at all 18 first class counties. Previously, Gooch was associated with a scholarship that assist in development and training of young players. Alastair Cook was also associated with several such works.

As a mark of their 50-years anniversary, PCA appealed all professional cricketers, current and former, to contribute an extra 200,000 pounds with the ongoing amount. This would make the contribution 600,000 pounds from 400,000 pound before. To this appeal, Gooch offered 50,000 pound from his scholarship fund for specific project. The gambling awareness scheme was as suggested by PCA.

Gooch is particularly interested in helping young cricketers with their education. He wants to work to prohibit the worries of online gambling and other bad habits that worries young cricketers. Per the former captain, educating them would create an awareness and they can be warned about potential dangers beforehand. Paul Buck would run the anti-gambling course. Buck himself served a 11 month and a half jail sentence after being convicted of 32 months. The fund from Gooch would also set up a helpline for young cricketers struggling with gambling and such bad habits.

As statistics suggest, gambling has grown as the most common offence in UK. It is found out as the fastest growing addiction. According to David Leatherdale, PCA chief executive, gambling is “definitely an issue.” Professional cricketers have relatively more time and money are considered as a high-risk category.

In the cricket circuit of England, the tobacco industries were upfront in advertisement on matches. ECB decided to crack down in the industry. After tobacco and cigarettes advertisements were banned, gambling advertisements became rampant in the circuit. In UK gambling is legal and there are no rules prohibiting cricketers for it on other sports.


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