Forbes lists Virat Kohli as Richest Cricketer

 . Last updated on June 27, 2018, 3:35 PM
Forbes lists Virat Kohli as Richest Cricketer
Virat Kohli is the only cricketer in the latest 2018 Forbes list of top 100 wealthiest athletes.

Virat Kohli, India Skipper, had a massive breakthrough as the richest cricketer. In the latest list of 100 richest athletes, Virat Kohli was placed 83rd, with a total earning of 24 million US Dollars, amounting to more than 160 Cr rupees. The Indian captain is the only cricket player in the world in the latest Forbes list. Apart from cricket, Kohli has several earning avenues, the largest being endorsement deals with top global brands. He is among the five players with A+ Category contract with BCCI, values at 1 million USD or more 6.5 Cr in India rupees annually. In the recent IPL 2018, he won the contract with Royal Challenger Bangalore for a whopping USD 2.65 million, close to 18 Crores.

Cricket being his mainstream career, endorsement deals has been his deepest jackpot. He has several expensive contracts with brands like Puma, Audi and Oakley. Forbes has also acknowledged his endorsement deals with the brands as his major souse of income. Additionally, Kohli also rolled out his own fashion brand called WROGN back in 2014. The Forbes’s list pointed out Kohli as one of the most popular athletes in the world with fourth highest number of followers in Twitter. The player has more than 25 million followers in Twitter.

The India player was also in the Forbes’ Top 100 list of 2017. In the new list, he jumped six positions higher. Previously, players on the list were MS Dhoni and Sachin Tendulkar. The players were placed in the 2013 list. MS Dhoni was 13th, while Sachin was at 51st. So far, only three Indian cricketers, including Virat Kohli are named in the Forbes’ list. Floyd Mayweather, the US Boxer tops the list with a total earning of 275 million US dollars. He topped the list for the fourth time in the last seven years. Following him are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.


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